Friday, June 24, 2022

UAE refuses for extradition of Antwerp Drug criminal

United Arab Emirates (UAE) refuse to deport Antwerp Drug criminal ‘dikke Nordin or Fat Nordin’ despite numerous requests from the Belgian authorities.

However, according to the De Standard reports, Nordin El Hajjioui is one of the principal targets of the justice department, assigned with international drug smuggling and leading a criminal organisation that has carried out attacks in the world of a drug.

The Antwerp judicial authorities have always wanted El Hajjioui for years. He is considered one of the leading players in the city’s cocaine trade and is linked to a series of arson attacks and shootings.

In 2020, the Antwerp Public Prosecutor’s Office sent requests three times to the United Arab Emirates to deport El-Hajjioui, who is the residence of Dubai. However, El Hajjioui was arrested in Belgium in mid of 2020, but he was immediately released after bail, from where he fled to UAE.

El Hajjioui initiated legal proceedings against the extradition to Belgium, and a court in Dubai sided with him and denied all three requests.

According to the cabinet Minister of Justice Vincent Van Quickenborne, “We are going to look at the judgement.”

As per the spokesperson, “Kristof Aerts,” the public prosecutor in Antwerp said that they will study the judgements of all three rejected requests, then we will see what initiative we can take.”

Lawyer Louis De Groote, who represents the El Hajjioui in Belgium, did not pass any comment and even did not want to comment on January 20.

Several trials against El Hajjioui and his criminal organisation are planned to be disciplinary for Antwerp’s correctional court. In these trials, his lawyer can uphold him or not appear at all.

However, Belgium has several other expulsion appeals due for drug lawbreakers and suspects who may be hiding in Dubai and for them, an Interpol Red Notice has been issued.


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