Friday, June 24, 2022

Arab Emirates remain world’s most COVID-resilient country

The UAE remains at the top of the country with the Latest COVID-19 global stability ranking, ahead of Ireland and Saudi Arabia.

As many countries are still living with the virus, Bloomberg stated that the Emirates scored highest among the 53 economics tracked on vaccine doses administered.

The country is alps performing well in their “Vaccinated Travel Routes” and also maintained the low case count the past month, along with limited overall mortality, said Bloomberg.

Thanks to an organised and thorough vaccination drive and stringent precautionary measures, the UAE has been a consistently high-performing country.

On Thursday, the Ministry of Health and Prevention stated the total number of vaccine doses issued stood at 24,087,368 — a rate of 243.54 doses per 100 people.

IN ITS LATEST UPDATE, the UAE registered 782 new Covid-19 cases, with the number of active cases dropping to 48,080, down from 70,743 on February 6.

The countries included Norway, Australia, Spain, Finland, Columbia, the UK, and Portugal in the top ten list.

The UK rolled up three places in the rankings to ninth as “Community Mobility” rose with relaxed restrictions, while the US edged up three spots into 20th place as its Omicron outbreak waned.

Poland, the Philippines, Russia, Hong Kong, and Pakistan ranked the bottom five.

According to Bloomberg, Pakistan ranked the lowest due to “low levels of vaccination, tight restrictions on unvaccinated people, as well as weak healthcare infrastructure.

He further stated that Hong Kong, facing an outbreak of cases, falls 19 places in the rankings.

The Bloomberg Covid Resilience considers the best in rankings assess the best places to live globally during the pandemic.

The rankings provide a monthly snapshot of which of the world’s largest economies deal with the pandemic the best, with the least social and economic disruption.

Bloomberg uses 11 data arrows to score each of the 53 countries in the survey, including virus containment, quality of health care, vaccination coverage, overall mortality and progress towards restarting international travel.


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