Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Iran nabs 17 people for spreading panic via video clips

In recent years, Iran has arrested 17 people for spreading the panic against citizens via video clips.

In Tehran, during recent weeks, men have smashed cream pies into the faces of unlucky observers on Metro escalators. Private taxi drivers have opened fire on passengers with their red paint guns.

The brook of the prank video caught on Tehran streets and spread all over Iran’s social media platforms, and people said this kind of video is not at all fun and for games purposes.

After Iran authorities got to know about such incidents, Police authorities have launched search operation and arrested 17 pranksters who posted that single video on dozen of Instagram accounts and pages, saying that they had spread panic among the public. Moreover, that clips attracted thousands of views, attracting fans and frauds.

Police of Iran is taking it seriously against these kinds of illegal acts; according to the Tehran police Gen. Hossein Rahimi, “Publishing this kind of videos on social media is like playing with their nerves, security and peace.”

As per the videos, the real victims of the prank looks scared and angry. One shaken man slapped with a pie on the metro electric stairs grows furious, chasing the laughing prankster, throwing a backpack and shoe at them before beating them, and smashing the cream on his face.

In one of the videos, a prankster taxi driver shot himself arguing with his supposed wife, an actress, in the front seat of the car when she started screaming at him in a jealous voice that how he sent a heart emoji to her friend, he takes out a kitchen knife and shows like he is killing her.

As per the cake throwing prankster interview, that I just wanted to spread happiness in the world through my short videos, and he added after completing my video, I always gave 20 dollars to each actor or actress to come and perform in my prank video and also took permission from them to upload it on social media.


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