India to become 35 trillion dollar economy by 2047, says UM Piyush Goyal   
India to become 35 trillion dollar economy by 2047, says UM Piyush Goyal   (image credits google)

France: While addressing the Indian Diaspora in France, the Union Minister of India – Piyush Goyal, has predicted that India will touch the mark of the world’s third-largest economy by the year 2027. 

In his address, Minister Piyush Goyal noted that India is at the 5th rank in the world economy, worth 3.5 trillion-dollar and expected to reach the mark of a 30-35 trillion-dollar economy by the year 2047 when the country will celebrate 100 years of independence.


 He extended his remarks and pointed out that last year the exports were marked at 676 billion dollars and emphasized the vision to use the enthusiasm of young Indians in raising the nation’s economy. This year, India crossed the number of USD 750 billion in exports, he added.

India has become a nation with a go-to option across the world in different sectors, such as the world’s pharmacy, food bowl and agricultural hub, while being a trustworthy nation to other countries. He noted that everybody is seeking positive results from the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to address and solve all the problems.

Meanwhile, Goyal also pointed out that India shares a longstanding bilateral relationship with France and profoundly values the strategic partnership between them. He anticipated that the collaboration between India and France would grow further in a more broad sense in terms of friendship and mutual opportunities.

Furthermore, he mentioned the role of the Indian diaspora living in France as an essential part of the partnership. As per the statement, Piyush Goyal also noted that Prime Minister Modi is among the most respected and loved political leaders in the world. He is known for his leadership skills and bold actions with a commitment to take the nation forward with care.

Goyal further recalled the slogan, ‘One Earth, One Family, One Future,’ on which the country focuses and strives to grow under the leadership of PM Modi. During his address, he praised the Indian diaspora and said that each one of you represents India with capacities, competency, capabilities, and confidence. Union Minister Goyal calls them ‘Rashtradoots’ serving to their ‘Karmabhoomi; and ‘Matrabhoomi.’

Additionally, during the conference with the Indian diaspora, Goyal encouraged them to become an essential part of the growth journey of India while promoting the culture and values of India. 


Goyal invited the Indian diaspora to play a part in the vision and be with India on this journey, saying, “Yahi Samay Hai, Sahi Samay Hai.” Minister, Goyal is on his visit to Paris for the India-France Business Summit, celebrating 25 years of India-France friendship.



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