Egyptian Museum exhibits rare tools on 126th-anniversary celebrations
Egyptian Museum exhibits rare tools on 126th-anniversary celebrations (image credits Facebook)

Egypt: The Egyptian Museum in Liberation recently celebrated the 126th anniversary of laying the foundation stone of the museum building yesterday, April 12, 2023. The authorities of the Museum organized a special exhibition on the auspicious occasion of the anniversary displaying a rare collection of the artefacts.

According to the reports, on the special occasion of the establishment anniversary of the Egyptian Museum in Liberation in its 126th year. The museum authorities display at its entrance a collection of artefacts representing the tools used during the establishment of the Museum’s foundation stone to be the April Piece of the Month.


In addition, it is said that the exhibited pieces on display featured a cornerstone shovel, a hammer and a commemorative medallion engraved by Al-Khadawi Abbas Helmy II, designed and crafted to commemorate the foundation stone laying event, as well as signed feather and ink sticks to celebrate the momentous occasion.

The reports also claimed that the Egyptian Museum is the oldest archaeological Museum in the Middle East region. The building of the Liberation Museum has also been recognized as the house of the most extensive collection of ancient Egyptian artefacts in the world. Furthermore, the Museum displays an extensive collection stretching from the pre-familial period to the Greek and Roman times, reports added.

While diving deep into the history of the Egyptian Museum of Liberation, the architect of the building was selected through an international competition in 1895, known as the first of its kind, won by French architect Marcel Durgon. Al-Khadawi Abbas Helmy II. He opened the Museum in 1902, becoming a historical landmark in central Cairo, Egypt and a site of the most impressive pieces of ancient Egyptian artefacts.

Among the Museum’s unparalleled collections are the Leoya and Toya Funeral Collection, the First Busines and the Treasures of Tennis, and the painting of Na’mar that depicts the unification of Upper and Lower Egypt under one king, are among the invaluable artefacts in the Museum.

In the end, the Egyptian Museum of Liberation also features magnificent statues of majestic kings, Khufu, Kharfaa, and the artefacts of pyramid builders on the Giza Plateau, along with a large selection of quilts, coffins and ornaments that complete this Museum’s unique collection.


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