Friday, June 24, 2022

Qatar: Mexican woman reports sexual assault, faces jail & 100 lashes

MEXICO CITY — ‘Paola Schietekat’ Mexican woman who loved to do work in Qatar, and her job was also a dream job of her until a dream job turned into a nightmarish ordeal that made her flee the country.

As per Schietekat, “I could not believe what happened to me.”

Schietekat, who loves soccer, worked in Qatar for the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy, an entity made by the country forward of the 2022 FIFA World Cup, which will take place there in November.

In June 2021, Schietekat, who is an economist, stated that she faced assaults while a while incident happened by an acquaintance and partner Latino who also worked in Qatar.

While explaining the incident, Schietekat said, “I hear a noise coming from the kitchen; I go there to check who is there…He showed his thrusthyness on me, and I struggled a bit until he started hitting me really hard. I remember I ended up with scrapes on my ribs, back, shoulder, and entire left side of my body, and for 10 minutes, I was motionless.

Before leaving her, she said he shouted, “And don’t even think about telling anyone that I punch you.”

Schietekat went with a representative of the Mexican police to file a complaint against them, but instead of focusing on my complaint, they started investigating me. Even the authorities have also raised the point of asking for a virginity test. “It was an extreme humiliation,” she said.

Furthermore, she said, My assailant lied, saying that we are in a relationship. Even though I have my reports of forensic in which it was clear evidence of the beatings and everything, they believed him instead of believing me. They applied the crime of fornication to us in an extramarital relationship, for which they sent us to jail for seven years. But since I am Muslim, they also gave me 100 lashes. It’s crazy.

“The worst thing was that they sent me to jail, and that is why I cannot able to come to the Middle East-that is the thing that ruins my professional future because I want to come back so that I can work in those countries, and the fact is I do not want to assume about that.

According to ‘Rothna Begum’, a senior women’s rights researcher at Human Rights Watch, this case brings a series of irregularities because she was interrogated in Arabic without any translators. They also put her face to face with the attacker, and they believed him, so they filed charges.”

They even did not do the proper investigation to know about the facts.


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