Monday, January 24, 2022

Compare the New iPhone 13’s Smaller Notch to the iPhone 12

The iPhone 13 will have a smaller notch and higher refresh rate LTPO display. Although the higher refresh rate display will be a welcome additional feature, we expect the notch to be smaller because it has been the same size since the iPhone X launch. With the notch in the iPhone 12, we already know that the next iPhone model 13 will have a smaller notch, but the real issue is how much. The newly leaked images can explain a lot.

Images Show How Much Smaller the iPhone 13 Notch Will be Compared to iPhone 12

In recent weeks, various images and CAD renderings of the iPhone 13 have been leaked, confirming the design of the device. However, none of them are directly on par with the iPhone 12, so we know how small the gap we can expect. Now, a leaker named DuanRui shared an image of the iPhone 13 with a smaller footprint than that of the iPhone 12 on Twitter. These images were first leaked on Twitter and show how much the notch will shrink compared to the notch on the iPhone 12.

The image shows that Apple has removed the phone from the notch and moved it to the top. This provides room for all the Face ID components to move inward in the middle. Please note that the smaller space will not affect Face ID functionality. Although there were initial rumors that the smallest gap occurred in the iPhone 12, we believe this year will be this year.

Face ID was first introduced with the iPhone X in 2017. From then on, the size of the gap remains the same. We’ve also heard that Apple will consider adding punch-hole displays in the future. Additionally, Apple is also hoping to reposition the Face ID component under the display.


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