Tuesday, January 18, 2022

The Price of the new AirTags Might Just be the Most Smart Thing About Them

We know AirTag is coming from 2019, but there was still a big surprise yesterday: AirTag price As the price of Tile Pro tops $ 30, almost everyone thinks that adding a combination of smart branding and Apple will see the arrival of AirTag. the price is much higher, maybe around $ 50 …

Facts have shown that if you buy a four-pack, the cost of AirTag is only half, and if you buy it separately, it is only $ 29. This makes AirTag firmly enter the field effortlessly for most iPhone users. Even if you only buy one and then switch between multiple bags, $ 29 is a small price to pay for this peace of mind.

Of course, many customers will go further and buy one or more packages. As for me, I could add one to the keychain and one to each purse and travel bag I use most often. This price also makes them affordable gifts; maybe people will even add another when they give someone an expensive purse.

Apple’s gross profit on the device is not yet known to us, although some clues may be provided after teardown, the company may not care too much. Since Apple also offers a wide range of AirTag accessories, the cost of most accessories is higher than the device itself.

In fact, the most expensive combination Apple sells is the AirTag Herm├Ęs luggage tag, which is a custom version of the AirTag itself, plus a leather tag, priced at $ 449. However, even for the cheapest Apple AirTag holder, the bag buckle price is US $ 29 and the keychain price is the US $ 35. And the leather bag ring price is as high as $ 39. There are cheaper third parties, but I can safely say that a large percentage of AirTag buyers will pay more than $ 50 per person.

The benefits of these labels will be enormous. On Alibaba, you can buy leather keychains for less than the US $ 1 and leather luggage tags for the US $ 1-2. Of course, Apple will use better quality leather, but even a small amount of leather can be found for a few dollars. These items will cost Apple a small portion of their retail price.

In this way, AirTag pricing is a win-win situation. If you just want the label itself, you can buy one at an attractive price. You can pack it loosely in a bag or stick it with double-sided tape or velcro and pay at the advertised price. But Apple knows that many people will choose to own their own brand, in order to make a significant profit at a low overall price.



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