Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Conte Blesses A Draghi Government

Former ECB president Mario Draghi has become in the last hours that boatman of the riddle who had to cross the river with a hen, a fox and a sack of corn. He wants all the parties on board his new government, but many of them would rather drown than share a boat.

The identity of formations such as Forza Italia or the 5-Star Movement – the former banker will recall these days after eight years in Frankfurt – is the daughter of their mutual animosity.

The man who rescued the euro has also set out to save his country at 73. But for this, he will have to convince the greatest number of parties to form the Executive of unity he wants. The idea is to expand the majority perimeter of the previous government. Also adding to formations of the center-right, which this Thursday began to crack due to the Draghi effect.

The main obstacle, however, remains the 5 Star Movement (M5S). A formation in the middle of a civil war and without a leader. This Thursday , former Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte took a step forward after more than a week of silence and relaxed the situation.

The doors of the Chigi Palace opened after one in the afternoon and the resigned prime minister appeared somewhat taciturn. There are no more pompous messages, baroque salons and direct on Facebook at ten o’clock at night for Conte.

The great loser of this crisis settled down in front of a sordid metal table planted in the middle of the street —the cruel Roman memes compared him to a street vendor— to pronounce the words awaited by those who are trying to build a new Executive at this time: “I will not be an obstacle ”.

Conte’s role will be crucial in the next few hours to convince the M5S. The former prime minister hinted that he does not think, even remotely, to return to the classroom and implicitly offered to lead the “friends” grillinos . In addition, he conditioned his support to the character that the new Executive may have.

“A solid political government with sufficient cohesion to make political decisions”, since it considers that “the urgencies of the country require political elections that cannot be entrusted to technical teams.” Conte, the law professor who became prime minister because he was not a politician. “Obviously that is their intention. And that he is trying to mediate so that Draghi agrees to make a hybrid Executive that includes important positions from the grillinos”, Indicate sources of his surroundings.

Draghi has set a schedule of meetings with the matches that will end tomorrow with the two most important appointments: the M5S and Matteo Salvini’s League . Both parties are debating, with a high risk of fracture, between giving their support or proposing an abstention.

Something that would allow in any case the election of Draghi, but that could complicate the governance of the country in the near future. Until that day, the former banker may now begin to notice the pressure from the parties to avoid the temptation of a technical device and make all the formations happy (with charges, of course). “If he endured those of the Bundesbank for so many years, I do not think he has a problem with the threats of Salvini or 5 Stars,” they ironically in Italia Viva, the main promoter of this Executive.

The leader of the most centrist wing of the League, the historic Giancarlo Giorgetti – he was Salvini’s chief of staff during his government adventure – made no secret of his crush on Draghi. “He is a serious person, like our political line. An out of series like Ronaldo and cannot be on the bench ”.

Also the employers’ association, who greeted the former head of the ECB with energetic enthusiasm and put all its machinery to work in northern Italy to convince Salvini of the convenience of supporting him. But the right-wing coalition (Liga, Forza Italia and Hermanos de Italia), which has not yet decided whether it will have a unitary position on this decision, could also break down with the arrival of Draghi.

Silvio Berlusconi is the only one who has no doubts. He gives so much importance to the situation that he has decided to lead his party’s meeting this Friday at 5:30 p.m. with Draghi despite his delicate health. Forza Italia and all the small center parties that emerged from the various splits caused by the character of the Mediaset owner want this government to prosper.

“We will go separate [from the League and Brothers of Italy] and with a clear inclination for yes,” explains deputy Renato Brunetta. “It is a yes to the figure, to this phase. And if the conditions are met, it should be a political government, with high political personalities who can come from many places. Of course, also from Forza Italia ”.

Meanwhile, Matteo Renzi, the mastermind behind this crisis and Draghi’s arrival in Roman salons, relaxes by giving interviews in English and watching his old rivals skin each other. “Draghi is on the table ” (Draghi is on the table), released this Thursday to the interviewer while she twisted her face.

A table on which also rests the plan that he designed two months ago and that has been fulfilled point by point. Today, Renzi will meet the man he always wanted at the Chigi Palace to negotiate. But this Thursday he already took for granted that the Executive will be formed. It would be the first time he was wrong since the crisis began.


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