Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Google’s Pixel 6 smartphone might come with a new feature that challenges the Galaxy S21 and iPhone 12

The Pixel 6 is coming soon and is expected to show up at Google IO 2021. Now it looks like it will be equipped with a key technology found in competing phones (like the iPhone 12).

The controversial technology is support for ultra-wideband (UWB). Both XDA Developers Mishaal Rahman and the 9to5Google team have heard that the Google Pixel 6 may have UWB functionality built-in.

UWB is a short-range communication protocol similar to NFC or Bluetooth, which enables high-precision conversations between devices. The special advantage of UWB is that it can report the position very accurately and does not consume much power at all.

Besides showing up on iPhone 12 (and iPhone 11), you can also find UWB on more and more devices, including some Galaxy S21 models, as well as Apple AirTags and Galaxy SmartTags trackers, which can help you find your lost property.

Currently, both Rahman and 9to5Google emphasize that UWB technology will never appear on the Pixel 6, but if it does, it will allow Google to consider establishing a Pixel-based competitor with Apple AirTag product tracking.

At this point, there is no indication that Google is developing some of its own smart device trackers to compete with Apple’s new devices.

However, it makes sense for Google to put UWB support on the Pixel 6; The technology has now started to appear in most flagship phones and has many potential uses for smart home connectivity and augmented reality.

As we get closer to the middle of the year, the Google Pixel 6’s forecasts get tighter and tighter, clearly indicating that the official launch is coming soon.

So far, we’ve heard that Google might be developing its own mobile phone chipset, and the larger XL model could pay off.

We expect Google to launch this phone in late 2021 (possibly October), but the Google IO event that starts on May 18 is worth paying attention to, because we may know in advance about the next phone.


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