Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Drew Barrymore Revealed a Tattoo With a ‘Special Meaning’ On Her Talk Show

Drew Barrymore is celebrating Mother’s Day with a tattoo on television. 

The 46-year-old actress delivered a special message to her daughter in her daughter’s emotional clip “Drew Barrymore Show”: “Home is where we are.” Thursday. 

Barrymore said she came up with this phrase and has been “talking to herself” for the past five years. 

She explained: “So for me, this is the definition of home.” The star sat behind her desk with tattoos and invited Ink Master star Ryan Ashley to record the “most important life lesson” on her right forearm.

The “Charlie’s Angel” actress also raised two mothers from the audience and got her own tattoos. 

She was talking about her daughter saying “her eyes are crying too much” during the broadcast. I have my daughter, “said Barrymore, Olive, 8, and Frankie, 7, who live with the former Will Kopel, in a behind-the-scenes tidbit shared on Instagram.” I thought, ‘I want to give us a strong, permanent home.’, and then life changed and our plans changed. “She continued,” When I was renting an apartment, either I didn’t know where I lived, or So frustrated that my consolidation plan for the children has changed, which really led to people discover what home really means to me, that is, if we are together, no matter where we are, home is where we are. Barrymore captioned her post: “I did it! I embroidered a tattoo on our show today! Home is where we are. 

This has special meaning to me and my daughters.” This is not her. “The first tattoo dedicated to a girl, she said through tears. She called” I understand the reason for my life “because her wrist was still engraved with her name. New phrase.


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