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The U.S Department of Homeland Security said on Sunday that the land borders between the U.S. and Canada and Mexico will be closed for non-essential travel at least until July 21. The 30-day extension came after Canada announced an extension of the requirements on Friday. It expires on Monday and will be effective from March 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic.

U.S. officials told Reuters in a statement that the U.S. government held a working group meeting with Canada and Mexico on travel restrictions last week and plans to hold a meeting every two weeks. The U.S Department of Homeland Security said in a statement that it observes to ”positive development” in recent years. “A few weeks, and is working with other U.S. agencies in the White House expert working group in Canada and Mexico to determine the conditions under which restrictions can be lifted safely and sustainably,” said the department.

During the busy summer tourist season previously, legislators and border communities that have been hit hard by the restrictions have pushed for the relaxation of restrictions. 

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is firm and said last week that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was firm and said last week: “The border will remain basically closed until 75% of Canadians are vaccinated. In the first of two doses of the coronavirus vaccine, 20% of people received the injection at the same time.” A person familiar with the talks between the United States and Canada told last week, the U.S. government triggered the threshold for lifting restrictions.

“The U.S. and Canadian governments cannot agree to relax border restrictions… it is simply unacceptable,” said Democratic Rep. Brian Higgins and Republican Rep. Bill Huizenga.

The co-chairs of the Canada-U.S. inter-parliamentary group said Friday. The United States is also holding a working group meeting with the United Kingdom and the European Union on easing travel restrictions, but U.S. and airline officials have previously stated that they don’t expect the Biden administration to lift restrictions until around July 4 at the earliest. 

The COVID-19 pandemic in the United States is part of the global coronavirus pandemic. Disease 2019 (COVID-19). Since January 2020, more than 33.5 million confirmed cases have been reported, resulting in more than 601,000 deaths, the most among all countries and the 20th per capita in the world. Since many infections have not been detected, the Centers for Disease Control estimates that as of March 2021, there were 114.6 million people infected in the United States, accounting for more than one-third of the total population.

The number of confirmed cases and deaths in the United States accounts for about one-fifth of the worlds. COVID-19 has become the third leading cause of death in the United States in 2020, after heart disease and cancer. Life expectancy in the United States dropped from 78.8 years in 2019 to 77.8 years in the first half of 2020. 

On May 4th, Biden announced a new goal, that by July 4th, 70% of adults in the United States will receive at least one COVID-19 vaccine, as well as measures to vaccinate teenagers and more difficult-to-reach populations. On May 6, a study by the Institute of Health Indicators and Evaluation estimated that the actual number of deaths due to COVID-19 in the United States exceeded 900,000. On May 9, Dr. Fauci confirmed that the death toll in the United States may not have been counted.

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