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According to a new book about the final days of Trump’s presidency, the former first lady Melania Trump has repeatedly refused requests to hold election night events at the White House, but after her husband received from Air Force One After calling her, she finally compromised.”This is your night — do what you’re going to do,” she reportedly told then-President, Donald Trump. “You’re going to do it anyway.”

Wall Street Journal reporter Michael C. Bender said frankly that we won this election: This incident is written in the inside story of how Trump failed. He interviewed dozens of people for the book, including Donald Trump. Bend wrote that Melania Trump was worried about hosting an event at the White House during the coronavirus pandemic, especially the Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett in September. Barrett’s award ceremony became an event.

Mark Meadows, the then president’s chief of staff, asked the first lady three times about holding parties on election night, but they were always rejected. With nine days to go before the election, Meadows told Melania Trump that the Trump International Hotel will not be used as a venue due to local health restrictions, which makes the White House the best choice. Melania Trump insisted on her position and was supported by her spokesperson Stephanie Grisham, as did Timothy Harleth, the chief receptionist of the White House.

“Win or lose, there are going to be protests that night,” Grisham reportedly said. “Are we going to end up with a 300-person slumber party at the White House if these people can’t get out?” After being rejected for the fourth time, Meadows turned to Donald Trump’s son-in-law and senior adviser Jared Kushner, who contacted his father-in-law. Bender wrote that four days before the election, Trump called the first lady to discuss the incident, and she finally gave in. She made sure to stay away from the crowd and spend the night with her parents and son Barron, “only come if Trump needed her to stand next to him for a public speech.”

The party eventually became Trump’s disaster. When the numbers started to roll in and Fox News called Arizona to find Joe Biden, the atmosphere became very bad. “What the f–k?”Trump allegedly screamed. An official told Bender that his guests tried to comfort him, and from there “it was a s–t show,” one official told Bender. “And the saddest thing I’ve ever seen.”

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