Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Mario Marín Arrested For The Lydia Cacho Case

The former governor of the Mexican state of Puebla Mario Marín was arrested this Wednesday in Acapulco (Guerrero) by the Attorney General’s Office (FGR). Marín had been a fugitive from justice for two years due to an arrest warrant issued by a Quintana Roo judge.

The politician is accused of ordering the torture and illegal arrest of journalist Lydia Cacho in 2005, when he was ruling in Puebla (2005-2011). Cacho had denounced in his book Los demonios del edén a network of child sexual exploitation in which he mentioned the businessmen Jean Succar Kuri and Kamel Nacif as responsible.

The journalist was arrested and tortured by the Puebla Prosecutor’s Office accused of defamation, in an action ordered by the then governor.

15 years ago, Mexico heard a phone call between Nacif and Marín in which the then governor of Puebla promised to “give the journalist his slap” for bothering the businessman. Cacho was transferred from Quintana Roo, where she lived, to Puebla, in a journey of more than 20 hours by road in which she was threatened with death and tortured by ministerial agents.

Since then, the journalist has denounced the abuse of power that the politician of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) maintained in Puebla and his participation in the events of 2005. The audio, published in February 2006 by the newspaper La Jornada , revealed the level influence of businessmen with the PRI government:

“What happened, my precious góber, my fucking hero,” Nacif commented to the politician.

“No, you are the hero of this movie, Dad.” Yesterday I finished giving this old bitch a fucking slap. I told him that the law is respected here in Puebla.

Marín only took the nickname of ‘precious góber’ from the publication of the call, but he was never investigated for his participation in Cacho’s arrest until 2019. Then, the United Nations (UN) recognized that the journalist’s rights they had been violated and demanded that the Mexican government begin legal proceedings against those responsible.

The Andrés Manuel López Obrador Administration apologized to Cacho for the abuses and guaranteed that it would punish Marín and Nacif. A few months later, a court issued his arrest warrant and sent the information about the former governor to Interpol. The arrests of Nacif and the former head of the Puebla Judicial Police Adolfo Karam are pending.

The ⁦ @FGRMexico ⁩ warned me about the former governor arrested #MarioMarin hidden in Acapulco. I have been seeking justice for 14 years for having been tortured by this accomplice of the # PornografíaInfantil Vamos por todos. 🙏🏼 pic.twitter.com/LJX0qXZY8v

Cacho has written a brief message on his Twitter account announcing the arrest of Marín, accompanied by a photo, presumably from the time of the former governor’s arrest. “I have been seeking justice for 14 years for having been tortured by this accomplice of the # Child Pornography networks .

Let’s go for everyone, ”he wrote. The current governor of Puebla, Miguel Barbosa, has celebrated the arrest on his social networks and has asked “that justice be rigorously applied.”

The journalist has lived the last 15 years under strict security measures, even leaving Mexico in some seasons , after receiving various death threats. “I want to live to sentence them; It is the only way to set precedents on the networks of trafficking of girls and boys that end in torture of witnesses and murders of journalists and human rights defenders, ”Cacho told this newspaper in 2019.

There is a whole security device around it that has been reinforced since the ex-governor’s escape. “I am the main witness of these trials and I will be there to ratify everything necessary. This is not my hunger for justice, it is that of a whole country tired of being given war and fear to eat every day, “he added.


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