Friday, June 24, 2022

Bahrain Weather Updates: Mild rain expected today, govt cancels various events

Bahrain faced a dust storm yesterday, which darkened the skies, fluctuating the temperature violently and dropping horizontal visibility to dangerously low levels. 

As per the warning of Meteorological departments, which stated that Bahrain is going to experience a wave of a dust storm, which will cover the large areas of the Arabian Peninsula, the conditions of this wave are people will face difficulty because it will reduce visibility. 

According to the data of met, the temperature of the Kingdom showed the fluctuation violently, with the temperature hitting as high as 34 degrees Celsius and then suddenly dropping to 21-degree Celsius in a matter of two hours. 

The atmosphere also witnessed the sudden intrusion of northerly wind packed with dust, which caused the low level of visibility, strong enough even to mask skyscrapers from view. 

According to the Metrology Department, the spotted rain clouds formed in the eastern region of Saudi Arabia, which would bring rain in Bahrain. 

The Metrology Department also called on citizens to remain cautious. Meanwhile, the low visibility forced authorities here to cancel Formula 2’s final pre-season test session at Bahrain as the sandstorm hit the desert yesterday afternoon. 

However, the storm failed to interrupt Formula 3 sessions, which were going and completed at 5 pm.

Hussain Al Jassmi’s concert:

As per the Spring of Culture statement, they had rescheduled their concert of Hussain Al Jassmi at Al Dana to ensure all safety. 

That is why the performance will be scheduled today at the same venue, and people who buy the ticket can use their same ticket in this concert and enjoy the show.

Al Dana stated that those who can not enjoy and come to today’s concert could contact them through an email address available on their official page. 

Arabic classic night:

The Spring of Culture also tweeted about the postponement of yesterday’s Arabic Language Classic film night, “Between Heaven and Earth.”

However, they did not inform about the new dates of the movie.


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