Friday, June 24, 2022

286 children, 2 women repatriated from Syria, Iraq since 2018

The Azerbaijani embassy in Iraq has helped to reiterate 288 Azerbaijani citizens, of which 286 were children and two were women, and they belonged to Syrian and Iraqi refugee camps and prisons to their homeland since 2018.

As per the reports of the Azerbaijani Cabinet of Ministers, this is in its reports on activities for 2021.

The reports also highlighted that 81 citizens, of which 69 were children and 12 were women who, were repatriated from Iraq and Syria to Azerbaijan in 2021.

The citizens who are repatriated undergo rehabilitation and reintegration. According to the cabinet statement, the repatriation process is expected to continue in 2022.

Twelve Azerbaijani citizens held in the Amerna camp in Syria’s Jerablus city were repatriated to Azerbaijan on November 24, 2021.

On October 28, 2021, 38 Azerbaijani citizens in penal institutions and orphanages in Iraq were repatriated to Azerbaijan.

The children have been carried back to the country thanks to collaborative and phased steps taken by the Azerbaijani government. Firstly, the site of the repatriates and their citizenship were selected, and then they were provided with documents and air tickets to return to Azerbaijan.

As per the 2021 Foreign Ministry reports, they seized the thirty-eight Azerbaijani citizens in correctional institutions and orphanages in Iraq and were repatriated to Azerbaijan on October 28.

Associates of the working group on the repatriation of Azerbaijani citizens from Iraq and Syria were sent to Baghdad to prepare the repatriation of children to Azerbaijan.

The working group members conducted a preliminary medical and psychological examination of the children and nourished them with the necessary aid.

As per the ministry reports, 38 children, accompanied by representatives of government agencies, were repatriated to Azerbaijan on a Baghdad-Istanbul-Baku flight.

288 Azerbaijani citizens, of which 266 were children and two women, have been repatriated from Iraq.

Moreover, the ministry highlighted that the Azerbaijani government would take all the necessary measures to protect the rights and freedoms of its citizens following national legislation and international treaties.


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