Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Four children lost their lives in a blast in Afghanistan

As per the reports, at least four children were killed in a rocket blast in the Kandahar region’s ‘Sha Walikot district on Friday.

Provincial officials of the southeastern Kandahar province stated that a rocket blast claimed four children’s lives in Sha Walikot district of the region on Friday morning, as per sources.

The province’s police headquarters confirmed the incident occurred and stated that it happened in the region’s sixth district.

A statement was released by the headquarters that reads the unexploded rocket exploded after the minors played with it.

Meanwhile, another rocket landed in the Garda Serai district of the Pakita region, killed two people and injured more on Friday, as per the sources only.

This is the third continuous blast in the past ten days, killing and wounding civilians, who are mostly children.

Even 41 people were killed, and 70 were injured in Blast At Mosque in Afghanistan’s Kandahar; that incident happened after the suicide attack on Shiite worshippers at a mosque in Kunduz’s northern city, Islamic State group claimed.

However, it was not revealed who was responsible for the attack in Kandahar, the spiritual heartland of the Taliban.

As per the sources, it was a suicide bomber who mishandled himself inside the mosque. We have established an investigation to find out more.

According to Hafiz Abdulhai Abbas, director of health for Kandahar, “Information from the hospitals shows 41 killed about 70 wounded in today’s mosque attack.”

As Taliban security tossed a cordon around the area, at least 15 ambulances were seen rushing to and from the scene.

“Too many dead bodies and injured people brought to our hospital. That was the biggest incident that happened in Taliban.”

According to Local people, ‘Sayed Rohullah’, “It was the Friday prayer time, and when we were preparing, I heard shots. Two people had entered the mosque.


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