Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Police of Kochi issued notice against actor, “Vijay Babu”

Police of Kochi issued a notice against the actor as well as producer Vijay Babu, who are currently facing allegations of assaulting and raping an actor after promising her roles in his film projects.

The lookout notice has been issued as part of the process in order to seek the support of Interpol to capture Babu, suspected to be holed up somewhere in the Middle East.

According to the official sources that “We also issued a warrant which directed him to appear before the investigation officer in connection with the probe. If he fails to come, then strict action will be taken against him.

Meanwhile, sources in the legal fraternity in the city stated Vijay Babu was trying for an anticipatory bail in the case, and a senior lawyer had already mediated with the police seeking some more time for his surrender.

It’s almost unavoidable that Vijay Babu will be arrested and remanded in a sub-jail if he fails to secure anticipatory bail in the next two days.

However, police have also collected proof from his flat and hotel rooms where the crime happened; as per the police sources that prima facie, the proof supports the allegations levelled by the victim in her complaint. 

Even the police officers have already sent a warning message that they are going to take strict action against him if he still continues to defame the victim by revealing her identity or attempts in order to reach out to her, attempting a compromise. 

On April 22, the young actor had filed a complaint with Kochi city police about the brutal sexual assault and rape she had undergone at the hands of Babu. 

However, the rape complaint became a major topic in the state after Vijay Babu did a Facebook live around 12:30 am on Wednesday, in which he clearly said he was a real victim and revealed the actor’s name too. 

He also said that he is ready to break the law and reveal the victim’s identity as these allegations are destroying his image, causing sorrow and embarrassment to his family and friends. 

Later, a post reportedly by the victim appeared on the FB page “Women Against Sexual Harassment” describing the brutality allegedly committed by Babu.

“I am an actress in the Malayalam film industry, and I have been working in this industry for the past few years. Actor and Producer VIJAY BABU, who supervises the company FRIDAY FILM HOUSE, has physically attacked me, including sexual exploitation from the dates 13/03/22 – 14/ 04/2022. Through this time, he first gained my trust by being friendly and informing me as I was a newcomer in the film industry with no proper guidance,” the post read.

“Every time when we used to meet, he always offered me characters for his upcoming films. But that wasn’t my purpose. I was under his control and was threatened to speak up because of the power, influence and power he exerted in the film industry. It was a trap to use me… He has recorded a nude video of mine and threatened me with it. I was in worry thanks to his blackmail and because I worried for my safety. I am not keeping my mouth shut anymore. I can’t take this pain anymore. I strongly believe I will get justice for the sexual and physical assaults by Vijay Babu,” it added.



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