Friday, June 24, 2022

Kuwait: Billboard removed after backlash

Cairo: Municipal authorities of Kuwait have removed a controversial road billboard due to its ambiguous language.

“I’m terribly sorry,” read the road sign. I sincerely hope you will accept my apologies.” The sign was eventually discovered to be an advertisement for a new dish placed by a local eatery.

However, the billboard was criticised by MP Fayez Ghanam, who demanded for its removal to “protect principles.”

After the advert of the billboard was pulled down, the lawmaker expressed their thanks to Minister of Municipality Rana Al Fares for responding to his request.

“An appreciated reaction from the minister of the municipality for the removal of this foolish billboard to defend public morals, block vulgarity, and avoid casting Kuwaiti society in a negative way,” the legislator stated in a tweet, which included photographs of the challenged board.

The removal of the advertisement, however, sparked some criticism.

“Although this commercial advertisement only occurred in streets after receiving legal licences, the lawmaker and the minister did not equally rise to act against rampant corruption and encroachments on public money,” commented Tribunal Community, charging both with using an advert to question people’s morals and intentions.


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