Umrah season will continue during month of Shawwal in Egypt
Umrah season will continue during month of Shawwal in Egypt (Image Credits: Facebook)

Egypt: Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities of Egypt shared an important announcement regarding the Umrah trips, which will be creating history this time. The Ministry has reminded the citizens and residents to register themselves by April 27, as it is the last date for pilgrims’ registration.

Tourism Ministry took it to social media and shared this joyful news with the general public. The post read that the Ministry has decided for the first time that the Umrah season will continue during the month of Shawwal. As per the update, “The deadline for registration of pilgrims is to be extended till this April 27 and stick to the date of conducting the electronic lottery on this April 30.”


It added, “The Ministry of Tourism and Archaeology has also decided to extend the deadline for registration of pilgrims to Thursday, April 27, instead of Wednesday, April 19, to commit to conducting an electronic lottery to select the pilgrims’ winners of the tourist pilgrimage as on its scheduled date, April 30.”

Furthermore, it outlined that in a new precedent in the history of organizing Umrah trips in Egypt, the Ministry of Tourism and Archaeology decided to continue organizing and implementing the trips of the current Umrah season until the next month of Shawwal and that it will be the last return of Umrah trips organized by tourism companies.

This is the first time in the history of organizing Umrah flights that the season is extended during the month of Shawwal, as the season ends at the end of the holy month of Ramadan. The Ministry has notified the Chamber of Travel and Tourism Companies of this new decision and has appealed to take the necessary decisions to notify tourist companies to act accordingly.

The Ministry of Tourism also stated that Samia Sami, Head of the Central Administration for Tourism Companies in the Ministry and Chairman of the Supreme Committee for Umrah and Hajj, explained that this decision came in light of the ongoing follow-up of the Central Administration of Tourism Companies of the Ministry for all the Umrah season and Saudi systems in this regard, seeking to continue achieving the goals of the Egyptian Gate to Umrah, including facing other entities. Legitimacy and brokers, as well as gate law enforcement.

Accordingly, Umrah flights during the month of Shawwal will continue to be implemented with the same mechanism that has been organized during the past months, especially in the light of the distinguished tourism companies organizing these trips in the framework of the regulations laid down by the Ministry, which primarily seek to ensure the rights of citizens and provide them with the best services.

The Ministry of Tourism and Archaeology affirmed that all facilities would continue to be provided to citizens wishing to perform Umrah during this period. It also mentioned that it would work to provide them with the best services in accordance with the regulations set by the High Committee on Hajj and Umrah, in collaboration with the efforts made by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Ministry of Hajj Saudi Umrah to serve Muslims all over the world.



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