Friday, June 24, 2022

Israeli forces kills 3 Palestinians in Nablus shooting

Israeli forces have killed three Palestinians in Nablus due to direct shooting by Israeli forces in the city of Nablus. The victims were identified as ‘Ashraf Mubasllat’, ‘Adham Madrouka’ and ‘Mohammad Dakhil’.

According to the woman who witnessed all incidents with his eyes, the Israeli army fired at the car used by the three Palestinians. She further said that she heard the voice of gunshots continuously for more than a minute.

But, when we reached the destination, the car was being towed away. It was all pierced with bullets. Doctors said they had a hard time at the hospital where they took the bodies, and it is impossible to recognise the patients because of the gunshots.

As per the Israeli defence minister’s comment, the army was doing the operation.

Witnesses told that the incident involved a member of Israel’s special forces in a civilian vehicle storming the city’s al-Makhfieh neighbourhood and opening fire at the car.

However, PA’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has urgently called for an investigation into the killings; however, PA Cabinet called it a “heinous crime”.

The foreign ministry held the Israeli administration and Prime Minister ‘Neftali Bennett’ “fully and directly responsible for this crime”.

In a statement that the global community to Israeli violations and crimes provides a shell to these criminal acts as well as it promotes more the Israeli occupier to continue in its open warfare against the Palestinians,” it said in a statement.

Israel’s counterpart said the three men were Palestinian “militants” responsible for recent shooting attacks.

As per the ‘Shin Bet’ internal security, the three victims were in their vehicle and killed in a clash with militants. But, no other Israeli’s were killed or wounded in the shooting.

Palestinian and global rights groups have long criticised what they see as a shoot-to-kill policy and excessive use of force.

B’Tselem, an Israeli rights group, documented 77 Palestinian deaths because of Israeli forces in the West Bank last year. It added that more than half of those killed were not implicated in any attacks.


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