Friday, June 24, 2022

Israeli forces shot 17 year old Palestinian to death in West Bank

Jenin: Israeli forces shot a 17 year old Palestinian teen to death during the clash with the West Bank in Israel on February 13. They stated as the operation was to destroy the home of a terrorist, and they took him as a suspect of a recent attack.

According to the Palestinian health ministry ‘, Mohammed Abu Salah’ was killed in the town of ‘Silat al-Harithiya‘ near the flashpoint town of Jenin in Israel occupied West Bank.

In a statement, Israel’s army said its troops and border police had entered the village “to demolish the floor of the residence in which the terrorist Muhammad Jaradat resided”.

It stated Jaradat and had taken out the recent deadly shooting of a Jewish settler in the West Bank.

As per the troops, “violent riots” broke out ahead of the planned destruction, “with hundreds of Palestinians,” some of whom launched explosives at Israeli troops.

“The troops identified several armed rioters and fired towards them in a bid to balance the threat,” the army statement said without remarking directly on the teen’s death.

The army force of Israel destroyed the homes of the people and carried out numerous attacks, especially in the West Bank and in east Jerusalem.

The practice, which casually creates the fuel tensions, has been denounced by critics as a form of collective punishment. Israel forced it to deter attacks.

As per the army, Jaradat was responsible for the death of Yahuda Dimentman, who is just 25 years old and a spiritual student shot dead in the West Bank in 2021 December.

A married father, ‘Dimentman‘ was studying at a religious school in the Homesh settlement in the West Bank when he was killed during the shooting, and at that time, several people were injured.

Israel arrested several people over the shooting days after it happened.

Approximately 475,000 Jewish settlers live in the West Bank, alongside some 2.9 million Palestinians, in communities widely considered illegal under international law.

Romesh is among the settlements that even Israel believes to be unauthorised.

Israeli forces had vacated it in 2005, but settlers persisted in operating there, fuelling Palestinians’ tensions.

Israel has occupied the West Bank since the 1967 Six-Day War.


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