Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Kuwait battling for Rights of Women!

The officials of Kuwait recently took a step in which they cancelled a yoga trip for women advertised by a teacher of the exercise form.

Kuwait Lawmakers and Muslim authorities were upset over the danger of women doing yoga exercises. This month’s incident was the latest cultural controversy over what women can do in the Arab nation.

Some viewers also stated that the power of tribes and Islamists in Kuwait is growing, and they said that politicians are against a growing feminist movement. According to these politicians, right activists claimed that they consider women’s issues they are damaging traditional values. At the same time, the government of Kuwait is struggling hard to find complex economic problems.

According to the feminist activist ‘Najeeba Hayat,’ our state is no longer modern. They are reverting at a rate that we have not seen before; she even spoke recently about the women’s protest in front of the Kuwait parliament. Activists were calling for their rights. They say officials have limited.

Once upon a time, they considered the country progressive compared to the other Arab neighbours, but not anymore.

However, in recent years, women have made gains in other parts of the Arabian Peninsula. In Saudi Arabia, women have won greater freedoms under leader Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

According to ‘Alanoud Alsharekh’, the movement against Kuwaiti women was always invisible, but now it has risen to the surface.

A few months ago, Kuwaiti officials also shut the belly dance academies. Clerics then demanded police arrest the organizers of a women’s event called “The Divine Feminine.”

Even the ban Netflix and the court of Kuwait will soon hear a case seeking to ban Netflix after they produced an Arabic-language movie that they consider offensive.

According to Islamist Hamdan Al-Azmi that yoga damages the culture of Kuwait.

These incidents create anger between the Kuwaiti women, especially when they found no women in Kuwait parliament. They have also reported several recent incidents of violent honour killings.


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