Friday, June 24, 2022

Saudi Arabia gives awareness of dangers posed by Iran’s

Saudi Arabia has stated that they are not going to take any responsibility for any upcoming shortfall in their global oil supplies. The Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement in the wake of a series of attacks by the Houthis on Iran backed Aramco oil depots.

Saudi Arabia has also highlighted the need for the International community to be aware of all the dangers that would be posted by Iran’s continued supply of ballistic missile technology and sophisticated drones to the Houthis.

After using these missiles and technologies, their main target is oil and gas allied production facilities in Saudi Arabia and their distribution. These all have some severe implications for oil production, refining and refining.

As per the Saudi Foreign Ministry source’s point of view, this will affect the country’s production capacity and its ability to meet its obligations.

Foreign Ministry also showed and highlighted their need for the global community in order to take responsibility for maintaining the power supply and stand firm against the Houthi militia and deter them from carrying out their attacks.

During the time of the Houthi terrorist attack in Saudi Arabia, one of the oil tankers caught fire. The Yemeni armed rebel group Houthis fired missiles at Saudi Aramco’s petroleum station in Jeddah. The other day, there were missile and drone strikes on the Aramco refinery in Jizan and some other cities in the country.

According to officials’ statement, no one was injured in that attack on Aramco station in Jeddah, and they controlled the fire.

Houthi attacks happened in various parts of the country on Saturday as well as on Sunday. Smoke billowing from a Jeddah oil depot has been widely reported on social media.

The first attack took place on the Jizan al-Shaqiq water treatment plant, the power station in the city of Dahran Al Janub, the gas station in Khamis Mushait, the Armco plants in Jizan and Yambu, and the town of Ta’if.

The Saudi-led Arab League has repelled attacks using ballistic missiles, drones and cruise missiles.


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