Wednesday, May 18, 2022

One more Driver arrested in Saudi Arabia for deliberately ramming into 11 vehicles

Dubai: As per reports, one of the Saudi Arabia motorists has been detained in the Saudi capital of Riyadh for driving in the wrong direction, intentionally ramming into 11 vehicles, and pushing hard to run over some bystanders.

And a video of the happening has gone viral on all social media platforms, showing the moment the Driver reverses and smashes vehicles around him.

According to the Traffic Department in Riyadh that they arrested the Driver after causing damage to 11 vehicles.

According to the hidden sources of Saudi Arabia, two policemen are also arrested, and they are now under investigation for not using their powers to stop the offender in order to protect lives and property by shooting the tires of the car and trying to stop the criminal.

A two days ago, local media reported that another motorist in Saudi Arabia was arrested for deliberately ramming into other people’s cars, including one with a woman and child inside.

The video in which it is clearly visible that a man reversing at speed and ramming into a woman’s car went viral on social media. The woman with her child is heard screaming as soon as their car is hit.

One of the motorists of Saudi Arabia has been arrested for intentionally ramming into the other unknown people’s car without any reason. A woman and child were sitting inside the car, as per the reports.

There is also a video of the man in which he is switching speeds and ramming into a woman’s car, and that video got viral all over social media. The woman who was with her child heard screaming as soon as their car was hit.

A video of the same person who was crashing his car head-on into another has also gone viral. The video indicates that the motorist is running the way moment another man steps out of the car to check what happened.


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