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NASA does not want to change the name of its recent $10 billion technological marvels, the James Webb Space Telescope. Despite, questions that its name was after retired NASA official James Webb who was part of administration racism against gay and lesbian workers in the 1950s and 1960s. The space agency says news channels have analyzed the issue and agreed to maintain the telescope’s title as is, previously of the long-awaited liftoff in December.

“We have confirmed no evidence at this time that warr

ants altering the term of the James Webb Space Telescope,” clarifies NASA administrator Bill Nelson. The wonderful helioscope called the inheritor of Hubble will see other planets in the galaxy. It will evaluate the environments of realms revolving around distant stars, studying for gases in the air that might imply the existence of life.

However, some people, being delighted about the scientific promise of this helioscope, have the problem of labeling it after Webb. Webb operated the agency during the crucial years when it was helping to put astronauts on the moon. Disagreement flared earlier this year. 1,200 people like cosmologists, astronomy fans, professors signed a request asking NASA to rename the helioscope. The reason was that Webb, have been complicit in the destruction of gay people from state positions during his time in government service, including when he worked in a high-level job in the U.S. State Department.

They mention proof such as the investigation of retired NASA representative Clifford Norton, who was dismissed in 1963 while Webb was leading the company. “The old thoughts is previously possible: under Webb’s management, queer spirits were depressed,” the letter asserts. “At best, Webb’s story is complicated,” declares Chanda Prescod-Weinstein, a cosmologist at the University of New Hampshire who co-authored an editorial beckoning for the helioscope to be renamed. “And at most earnest, we’re just giving this incredible project into the sky with the ownership of a homophobe on it, in my viewpoint.”

She remarks that Norton was jailed for gay action, questioned by the policemen, and then picked up by NASA’s head of protection and examined at the office. “I haven’t observed evidence that Webb noticed about this issue,” she states. “But I think we have two options here: Except he was a horribly incompetent administration and didn’t know that his head of security was questioning workers in NASA buildings, or he understood precisely what was going on, and he was in some thought party to managing the investigation of someone for being gay.”

In answer to the debate, NASA started an inquiry “to explore Webb’s position in administration,” but the company has given no other items about how that investigation was carried out or who assessed its judgments — other than stating that scientists were there. “We’ve done as much as we can do at this time and have weakened our investigation purposes,” senior science communications manager Karen Fox told NPR in an email on Wednesday. “Those requests have not exposed data advocating a name changing.”

Many queer community is urging the officials to specify the reasons as why they are oppposed to change the name of the new wondrous marvel despite the discussions.

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