Tuesday, January 18, 2022

It is Still A Long Time Before It Will Get Easier to Buy the Latest PlayStation

In 2021, buying a PS5 is still very difficult. Not only is Sony’s new PlayStation console in high demand, production issues and component shortages also limit inventory. High demand and low supply have always been a terrible combination for consumers, but what is worrying is the resale market, which has been booming in the months since the launch of game consoles. Also, as long as consumers continue to buy game consoles from resellers at ridiculous prices, resellers will continue to buy PS5 supplies, and whenever they use a robot that can order, they will be able to buy a large quantity of PS5s faster. like no one.

Many people expect the situation to change in 2021, but so far, this has not happened and does not appear to be happening. In fact, a new report indicates that it will be difficult to track the PS5 and Xbox SeriesX until at least mid-2022.

Speaking of shortages, Foxconn, one of the world’s largest electronics contract manufacturers, has warned that the parts shortage won’t go away anytime soon. As long as this is the case, despite the demand, the inventory of these two game consoles will be limited. For this reason, it is expected that Foxconn will not be able to fulfill all of your orders, and Foxconn will not expect many changes in this area before the window mentioned above.

Of course, if the PS5 and Xbox Series X don’t compete with a ton of products with the same components, there won’t be much of a problem for blocked production. From Apple phones to cars, it seems like everyone is eager to use the same components.

Fortunately, for Xbox fans, the demand for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S is not as great as for PS5. Currently, each PS5 restock sells out in a few seconds, which may explain why it is by far the best-selling game console, at least in the United States, despite supply problems. At the same time, it’s hard to get the next-gen Xbox, but restock sales aren’t nearly as fast, and this window of opportunity will only expand over time, at least until the holiday season.


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