15 Things I’ve Learned Being The Only Sober Person In The Room

If it hasn’t, that’s indicative of someone suffering from AUD. All this said, a high-https://ecosoberhouse.com/ctioning alcoholic is typically a period of time. For most people suffering AUD, it’s only a matter of time before they’re unable to hold a job and lose relationships due to their drinking behavior.

  • Overeating is more likely after a few drinks, too.
  • If you’re sober curious or just looking to cut back on your drinking, you have options.
  • I just wanted to have a Snickers and go to bed.

When you walk into a situation believing that you can’t have fun sober, this is likely to be a self-fulfilling prophecy. You might even isolate yourself or hold back from having a good time—which will then reinforce your belief that being sober makes fun impossible. It’s helpful to have something in your hand at all times.

Learn From Your Experiences

You’re getting met with eye rolls, calls to lighten up, and advice that you should learn to take a joke. When we do something major like quit drinking, an activity that has generally bonded the group, we’ve essentially violated previously established social norms. Developing strategies to handle friendships with those who drink can improve the odds of continuing to live successfully with your sobriety. Join social media groups for people who participate in sober activities.

Think about which being sober around drinkerships will be supportive of your sober life going forward. Consider which people are positive influences in your life. Then, identify relationships that might be a problem. Some friendships are based primarily on drinking and won’t continue to work during sobriety. Some people won’t respect your recovery and may attempt to bring you back to drinking with them.

Tips For Handling Friends Who Still Drink When You’re Sober

While the way you ask will vary depending on your current relationship dynamic, most cases will involve asking the question, accepting the answer and making a plan for the future. There’s a popular misconception about sobriety that the party ends when westop drinking. Contrary to popular belief, your life doesn’t have to become boring, routine and unexciting when you get sober. Recovery looks different for everyone, but if socializing is something you are fond of, you shouldn’t have to give up every party and night out just because you no longer drink. Thinking about partying sober can be daunting, but following these 5 steps can help you stay on track. One of the 12-step promises is relief from the mental obsession.

Chances are that without alcohol you will be a better dancer, karaoke singer, and conversationalist anyway! Confidence is something that can be learned and developed, but it’s okay to employ some acting skills in the meantime. But slowly – and without ever making the decision consciously – I have drifted away from nights out, particularly ones in the pub. I started out wanting to carry on living the same old social life only without the booze and drugs. But I’m almost seven years sober now and I am finally ready to admit that I fucking hate being around drunk people.


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