Jordan: Prof. Timo Repo delivers lecture on Green Chemistry at University of Helsinki 
Jordan: Prof. Timo Repo delivers lecture on Green Chemistry at University of Helsinki  (image credits Facebook)

Jordan: Professor Dr Timo Repo from the Finnish University of Helsinki delivered an interactive scientific lecture on the concept of green chemistry and how to develop sustainable materials under the theme of “Green chemistry and carbon dioxide chemistry.” 

The lecture was delivered under the supervision of the Erasmus Plus program, where an overview of the environmental importance of CO2 and the methods of disposal was presented.


According to the updates, Professor Timo Repo addressed the concept and issue of green chemistry following the series of scientific lectures held by the Department of Chemistry during the academic year 2022-2023.

Jordan: Prof. Timo Repo delivers lecture on Green Chemistry at University of Helsinki

During his speech, he explained the concept in depth and addressed its usefulness and noted its use in different industries, where the discussion was conducted by the coordinator of the “Erasmus Plus” agreement for the academic movement at the Hashimite University, Dr Adnan Abu Sarra.

The lecture was attended by faculty members in the Department of Chemistry, led by Professor Dr Khaled Abu Al-Tain, Vice President of the University for Faculty of Sciences, and a large number of students of the department for both the bachelor and master stages.

“The students interacted greatly with the lecturer by asking questions, appreciated the rich and useful content, and praised the efforts of the University in Providing this academic opportunity to teachers and students,” said the sources.

Jordan: Prof. Timo Repo delivers lecture on Green Chemistry at University of Helsinki

It is noteworthy that this lecture is Dr Repo’s second of his visit to Hashemite University, where in the first lecture, he gave a detailed presentation on the education system and funding of scientific research in Finland.

The reports also claimed that Dr Repo’s visit to the university falls under the auspices of the “Erasmus Plus” program, the academic movement aimed at promoting cooperation between European and Middle Eastern universities and targeting students, professors, and researchers through cooperation in the sectors of scientific research and education.


It was also stated that the agreement between the Hashemite University and the University of Helsinki is the result of the special relations between a number of faculty members of the two universities, where Professor Dr “Abu Surah” was an assistant professor of non-organic chemistry and chemical stimulation at the University of Helsinki between 1998-2000, and Dr Fada Al-Qaysi obtained a degree PhD from the same institutes under the supervision of Dr “Repo.”

The association between both institutions was also founded on scientific cooperation by publishing joint research papers between the two departments in prestigious, global scientific journals. 

“The Finnish University of Helsinki is one of the internationally prestigious universities, ranking ninety-second globally according to Shanghai’s ranking,” cited sources.


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