Dominica: PM Roosevelt Skerrit promotes fitness through epic hike to Fresh Water Lake
Dominica: PM Roosevelt Skerrit promotes fitness through epic hike to Fresh Water Lake (image credits Facebook)

Dominica: In a recent social media post, Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of Dominica – Dr Roosevelt Skerrit, shared a glimpse of his adventure hike trip to an infamous Fresh Water Lake. Through his shared update, he called his fellow Dominicans to indulge in physical activities to live a fit and healthy life.

Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit took to his official Facebook account to motivate the people of Dominica to adopt a healthy lifestyle through participating in physical activities. He mentioned the importance of an active daily routine as it leads to a healthy life with no medical complications.


Meanwhile, to inspire the residents and citizens of the Caribbean country, Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit noted, “My Saturday morning was well spent on an invigorating hike around the beautiful Fresh Water Lake.” He extended his remarks and acknowledged the beauty of nature he witnessed on his hiking trip to the freshwater lake.

Furthermore, he also outlined the need for such physical activities in modern-day life. With the rise of technology and facilities, human beings have become increasingly lazy, which has a seriously deteriorating effect on a person’s health and immune system over the time.

PM Skerrit further explained that every person needs to take it as a daily habit and should walk on this path to follow and live a healthy, stress-free, fit and happy life. He also took the initiative to inspire his people through his Facebook post, where he cited, “I continue to urge you to engage in physical activity to stay fit and healthy, improve overall wellbeing and fight chronic non-communicable diseases.”

Moreover, it was also stated that the mantra of living a fit and healthy life in today’s hectic lives is to take time for one’s physical and mental health. He asserted that people also neglect mental health and cannot prioritize it over work schedules, most often due to a variety of reasons. Still, it is as essential to keep a check on one’s mental health as much as on physical health.  

In this regard, he extended his remarks and pointed out that a healthy and joyful life is a balance and combination of both aspects in a person’s life. Prioritizing one’s daily routine for enhancing and working on mental and physical health holds great significance, offering a fruitful and stress-free life to a person.




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