Operation Kaveri: Flight AC-130 evacuates 40 Indians from battle-hit Sudan, says MEA S Jaishankar
Operation Kaveri: Flight AC-130 evacuates 40 Indians from battle-hit Sudan, says MEA S Jaishankar (image credits google)

New Delhi: The Minister of External Affairs of India, S Jaishankar, said on Sunday, 30 April 2023, that the total number of evacuated Indians reached the mark of 2300 after the eighth flight of A C-130 of India Airforce touched down in India carrying 40 Indians under ‘Operation Kaveri’. 

A tweet shared by External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar conveyed to the residents that Indian Airforce plane A C-130 reached India carrying 40 Indians, which added up to the total number of evacuated Indians to 2300. 


The rescue operation conducted by the Indian Airforce AC-130 flight in battle-torn Sudan was named ‘Operation Kaveri’, the eighth flight in such a matter. After which, around three more flights took off and carried 229,288 and 135 Indian Passengers back to the country, respectively. According to reports, the total number of evacuated people has been recorded nearly 2500. 

The flight took off from Jeddah in Saudi Arabia, carrying Indian citizens since the beginning of ‘Operation Kaveri’ on the eighth flight. The official representative of the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), Arindam Bagchi, has taken to his Twitter and conveyed that under the #OperationKaveri, the Indian Airforce plane carrying 40 passengers is flying towards Delhi, which took off from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Whereas, earlier today, the 7th rescue flight took off from Jeddah and was on its way to Bengaluru taking 229 passengers onboard. On the other hand, around 365 Indians were taken back to the country under Operation Kaveri on Saturday evening. 

Another flight carrying 231 Indian nationals also touched down in New Delhi on Saturday morning. The government of India is evacuating the people from Sudan with a serious approach and on priority bases, said officials. 

The reports have said that currently, Sudan is going through a rough patch and bloodshed due to the conflicts between their parliamentary forces and army. 

The evacuations have also been conducted through navy operations as INS Teg evacuated around 288 stranded Indians on Saturday, the 14th batch. 


INS Sumedha of the Indian Navy also left with nearly 300 passengers onboard for Saudi Arabia, Jeddah, stationed at Port Sudan. The government is targeting about 3000 passengers of Indian origins to evacuate from Sudan, reports added. 

A total of 2400 passengers were successfully evacuated from Sudan until Friday. As per the reports, laud slogans were shouted by the evacuees, such as “Vande Mataram” and “Bharat Mata ki Jai”, and they also appreciated the Prime Minister’s efforts, Narendra Modi and the Minister of External Affairs Minister for the rescue operation Kaveri. 



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