Promoting harmony: Grand Mosque and Temple sharing common yard in Kashmir
Promoting harmony: Grand Mosque and Temple sharing common yard in Kashmir (image credits google)

Jammu and Kashmir: A small village in the Kupwara district of Jammu and Kashmir has been sharing a mutual centuries-old syncretic culture by sharing a common yard for both a grand mosque and a Hindu Temple. The phenomena stand as a strong symbol of mutual respect among the residents and both communities.

As per the sources, decades have passed, and both the mosque and temple have been sharing support and standing side by side with each other. It has become a perfect example of communal harmony, mutual respect and brotherhood among the communities.


In his remarks, the Imam of the Grand Majid (Jamia Masjid), Trehgam, Pir Abdul Rashid, has conveyed that temples and mosques are not just buildings of worship but it also reflects the cultural heritage and values which are shared.

He further said that communal harmony had always been a priority among the people of Trehgam, and they have been committed to the belief. 

The people have been living in peace and harmony while showcasing the right approach and actions to the country, he added.

A local resident named Bilal Ahmed Najjar noted that the temple and mosque coexisting in one place side by side is a bright example of strong beliefs and communal harmony

Furthermore, he also stressed that such things should be glorified and celebrated in the country. The nation should also strive to promote the idea more often so we can build a more peaceful society, he said.

The temple and mosque have been sharing a common yard for decades which has only promoted the respect and tolerance of the local people towards each other. The yard sharing is going a long way for both communities in enhancing their unity and strength together.


The syncretic culture of Kashmir, which is centuries old, has been promoted through this site as it is not just a symbol of worship but also promotes the coexistence of Muslims and Hindus in a peaceful environment.



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