Emirati inspiring woman model of economic empowerment

The United Arab Emirates celebrates Emirati Women's Day, and it is an occasion worth stopping at not only to celebrate the progress that the daughter of the Emirates

The United Arab Emirates celebrates Emirati Women’s Day, and it is an occasion worth stopping at not only to celebrate the progress that the daughter of the Emirates has achieved in all fields with the unlimited support of wise leadership and Her Highness Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak, President of the Women’s Union General, Chairwoman of the Supreme Council for Motherhood and Childhood, Supreme President of the Family Development Foundation “Mother of the Nation”, but also to highlight aspects of the experience of empowering Emirati women and their global leadership and to explore the prospects for this experience, which has become an inspiring model for many countries and peoples in the field of empowering women and protecting all their rights.

This year’s celebration comes under the slogan “An inspiring reality.. a sustainable future”, which is the slogan directed by the “Mother of the Nation” to launch this year’s celebrations, in confirmation of the importance of continuing efforts to promote the process of empowering Emirati women and building a better and more sustainable future for the daughters of the Emirates and to enhance their efforts in leadership.


The path of sustainable development during the next fifty years.

This means that what has been achieved so far in the file of Emirati women’s empowerment is not the end, as the process of empowering women is on its way and will be strongly strengthened in the future because wise leadership believes in the ability of the daughter of the Emirates to achieve miracles and lead the process of sustainable development in various fields, and the daughter of The UAE has already proven that it is trustworthy, and confirms its active participation in the leadership, management and implementation of ambitious projects such as the Hope Probe, the Peaceful Nuclear Program and other projects that the UAE has had a clear mark on their achievement and success.

The file of economic empowerment and enhancing the role of Emirati women in the sustainable development process is one of the distinctive aspects of the inspiring Emirati model in empowering women. Active participation in the comprehensive development process.

According to the Emirates Council for Gender Balance, Emirati women make up 46.6% of the labour market and 66% of workers in the government sector, of whom 30% occupy leadership positions, 15% are in specialized and academic positions, and 15% of women occupy positions on boards of directors in chambers of commerce.

And industry, with 20% of those working in the diplomatic corps and 29% in ministerial positions.

In the field of entrepreneurship, there are more than 21,000 women business owners in the UAE, and the businesswomen sector constitutes 10% of the total UAE private sector, and businesswomen manage projects worth more than 40 billion dirhams. UAE businesswomen constitute about 21% of the total businesswomen in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, which is the highest percentage in the Gulf countries.


The Emirates Business Women Council plays an important and vital role in the development and development of the business women sector in the country and motivates and encourages Emirati women to engage in business, making them among the global models in managing and leading companies and economic institutions.

As a result of this great development, Emirati women achieved first place in the Middle East and North Africa in the “Women, Business and Law 2022” report, issued by the World Bank, for the second year in a row, in which they achieved a full score (100 points) in five axes, namely: Freedom of movement, work, wages, entrepreneurship, and pension, which confirms that the experience of economic empowerment of the UAE girl has become one of the most successful and inspiring experiences in the world, which confirms that the wise Emirati leadership’s confidence in the Emirati girl was in the right place.

There is no dispute that this pioneering and inspiring march in the field of women’s empowerment will continue and be strengthened in the future in light of this unlimited support and absolute trust from our wise leadership, in the daughter of the Emirates, and with the support and efforts of the “Mother of the Emirates”, may God protect her, which means that this experience It will deepen and strengthen further in the future.


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