Egypt: Education Minister Ayman Ashour seeks cooperation with Libyan Scientific Research Authority
Egypt: Education Minister Ayman Ashour seeks cooperation with Libyan Scientific Research Authority (image credits Facebook)

Egypt: The Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research Ayman Ashour has declared that the Ministry of Higher Education and Libyan Scientific Research Authority seeks cooperation in the fields of advanced research and renewable energy research.

According to the updates, Ayman Ashour, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, said that the Ministry had taken a keen interest in establishing partnerships with international entities and enhancing cooperation between institutions of higher education and scientific research.


It was also stated that the cooperation would be focused on their international perspectives, as well as with siblings from Arab and African countries, in order to transfer scientific experiences and cooperate in research projects of common interests.

Within this framework, the Metals Research and Development Center held a meeting with the Libyan Scientific Research Authority to explore the horizons of cooperation between both parties in the fields of advanced research, metals, ceramics, renewable energy research, and energy storage research.

The meeting was organized in the presence of Dr Ibrahim Ghayad, the Director of the Center, WD. Faisal Abdel-Azim Al-Abdli, General Director of the Libyan Scientific Research Authority, via Zoom technology.

Furthermore, Ibrahim Ghayad said that the meeting took opportunities to support diploma programs, strategic studies and technology transfer between the two countries. The meeting also presented the possibilities of the Center as an experienced house in training, technical consulting, preparation and implementation of training and qualification programs for engineers and technicians; to enhance and benefit the capacity of Egyptian, Arab and African companies and factories.

The reports also confirmed that the two parties agreed to prepare a joint cooperation protocol ensuring the provision of all directions of support between the two parties in common areas. Such as activating hosting programs for scientific advisers from experts and Egyptian and Libyan scientists, as well as encouraging scientific visits between the two parties, activating training course programs, and cooperation in organizing workshops.

The two parties also agreed to host a number of Libyan trainees and researchers in various scientific and research fields. The proposal for activating technology transfer, innovation and entrepreneurship programs was discussed during the meeting.


The cooperation in the establishment of emerging technology companies incubators, technological marketing, intellectual property, strategic and futuristic studies, science, technology and innovation indicators were also discussed. Moreover, transferring experiences of the Egyptian side to the Libyan brothers in various research areas that the Libyan side needs were also pointed out.

The panel also discussed providing necessary technical support in a number of Libyan national projects, including the (Libyan Scientific Satellite) Project, the (Lybyan Experts Platform), and the National Project for Oil and Gas Operations Studies and Research, through activating the programs of joint projects between the two parties.

In the end, the meeting was attended by the heads of research centres affiliated with the Belibia Authority, WD. Taha Matar, Director of the Institute of Metallic Studies, via Zoom, WD. Muhammad Rashad, dean of advanced materials institute at the centre, wd. Khaled Salim, Dean of the Institute of Materials Technology in the Center.


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