Egypt: Minister of Sports Ashraf Sobhy trains 300 beneficiaries in life management skills
Egypt: Minister of Sports Ashraf Sobhy trains 300 beneficiaries in life management skills (image credits Facebook)

Egypt: The Ministry of Youth and Sports, under the supervision of Minister Ashraf Sobhy, has completed the first phase of training 300 beneficiaries for the Art of Life Management Office courses held at the Center for Youth Innovation and Learning in Jazeera. A number of participants appeared for the event and successfully completed the first phase of the program. 

The Minister of Youth and Sports, Ashraf Sobhy took to the official social media handle to share the news regarding the event; the update read, “The Ministry of Youth and Sports has announced the completion of the first phase of the training of 300 beneficiaries of the Art of Life Management Office courses in the Ministry of Youth and Sport of the Central Administration of the Affairs of the Minister’s Office.”


As per the updates, one of the most influential speakers of the training program for the first stage was “Know Yourself.” Furthermore, the event was also focused on a number of topics which read as follows;

Emotional intelligence: 

Consuming several concepts and, including feelings and thoughts, feelings and body, feelings and will, feelings and behaviour, how to deal with them and manage them.

Management of thought: 

It was about the meaning of ideas, then automatic thinking and intended thinking, and also discussed mistakes in thinking in which an individual falls, such as (character events – popular way – generalization – negative focus).

Social Media: 


It was about the positive and negative effects of social media sites. The positives such as sharing experiences, publishing advertisements, and awareness campaigns, and the negatives such as health, psychological and social problems, especially the harmful effects of social media on youth and children, causing social terrorism and affecting work and study.

Psychological Lens: 

About the study of the impact of thoughts and feelings on behaviour from the beginning of the occurrence of the situation, and the influence of thoughts, feelings, and emotions, then the action and behaviour.

The subconscious mind: 

For several axes, the most important thing is to define the concept of the subconscious mind and how it works, as well as the power and influence of the subconscious mind, programming, controlling and benefiting from it.


Self-Development was focused on spreading awareness about the meaning of personality, responsibility, and the most important principles for personality development and human development stages.

Building a positive character:

It was about the meaning of positivity and the ability to provide support and support to oneself and others.


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