Egyptian Ministry of Tourism busts fake ads for
Egyptian Ministry of Tourism busts fake ads for "Direct" Hajj Trips, warns citizens (image credits Facebook)

Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and Archaeology has observed on social media sites spreading fake ads marketing “direct” Hajj trips or calling it “without a draw” Hajj for those who hold a visit visa to Saudi Arabia of all kinds.

The Ministry warns all Egyptian citizens not to comply with any false advertisements and to go back to the Ministry to verify their authenticity.


On her part, Ms Samia Sami, head of the Central Administration for Tourism Companies in the Ministry, explained that according to Law No. 84 of 2022, concerning the organization of pilgrimage trips and in light of the regulations and procedures organized for the tourist pilgrimage.

Additionally, “the tourism companies have no other right to organize the individual pilgrimage, which is the Hajj in which an Egyptian residing in the Arab Republic of Egypt gets on Direct Visa to Hajj,” said the Ministry.

In addition to this, the Ministry of Tourism and Archaeology stressed that these advertisements are misleading Egyptian citizens since the visit visa does not allow performing Hajj rites which was also confirmed by the Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah in a post released on its official social media page.

Samia Sami further pointed out that the tourism companies organized for Hajj flights will list all the names of the gentlemen citizens who are allowed to perform individual pilgrimage through the Saudi electronic route, as well as on the Egyptian Hajj portal.

Furthermore, the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and Archaeology extended warnings to all citizens not to comply with such pseudo-Hajj advertisements promoted by unlawful entities. The officials ensured that the people could contact the Ministry to verify the authenticity of such programs and entities before contracting them.

The Ministry also provided an online portal of the central administration of tourism companies (citizens services) by which the citizens can check the authenticity of the source of information and act accordingly. The citizens were advised to follow the link given below.


Moreover, it was said that this is in the interest of citizens and not to be exposed to any problems and rights of Egyptian tourism companies.

In the end, the Ministry, through its committees in Saudi territories during the Hajj season, will follow up on the conditions of all tourist pilgrims, reassure them and make sure that the tourism companies are committed to implementing all the articles of the contract signed with the pilgrims.


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