Whoever harms us, will have to pay price: says Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu
Whoever harms us, will have to pay price: says Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu (image credits Facebook)

Israel: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has recently released his remarks during a weekly Cabinet meeting held yesterday, May 14, 2023, mentioning the response of the State against the terrorist organizations along with several other challenges. 

Prime Minister applauded the efforts of the security forces for their commitment and efforts to control such situations.


According to the reports, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu noted in his address, “We successfully concluded five days of fighting against the Islamic Jihad terrorist organization. Before starting the operation, the directive I gave, together with the Défense Minister, to the IDF and ISA amounted to two words: ‘Initiative’ and ‘Surprise’.”

After the completion of the operation, Prime Minister congratulated the IDF Chief-of-Staff and the Director of the ISA also with two words: ‘Well done.’ Indeed, the operation was perfect. 

“With complete surprise and continuous initiative, we targeted the entire Islamic Jihad leadership in Gaza. We destroyed 17 Jihad command centres. We eliminated dozens of terrorists. We hit rocket and missile arsenals, took out anti-tank units, etc.,” said the PM.

Furthermore, he also cleared his thoughts regarding such situations in the country and outlined that “For two months, since the establishment of the government, I have reiterated: Whoever harms us or even tries to harm us – will have to pay the price.”

In addition, he also stressed that the enemies of Israel in Gaza and far beyond Gaza know that even if they try to hide, the Israeli forces can, and will, always reach them. This awareness was significantly strengthened during Operation Shield and Arrow. We changed the equation, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

“I would like to thank the IDF commanders and soldiers, and the men and women of the ISA, for their important actions on defence and on offence. And to you, the citizens of Israel, especially the residents of the area around the Gaza Strip, thank you for your backing and your steadfast resilience, which enabled us to succeed in this important operation,” he said while acknowledging the role of the forces and citizens of Israel.


Meanwhile, it was also stated that during the operation, including the recent one, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was in continuous contact with council heads in the area near the Gaza Strip in order to deal with problems regarding protection, replenishment and other areas. “I would like to thank Prime Minister’s Office Director-General Yossi Shelley for his dedicated work,” he said.

He further expressed his thankfulness to the government ministers and authorities for the security achievements. He mentioned that among all the accomplishments, the economic achievements are one of the most challenging periods for the global economy in recent years; the international credit rating agency Standard & Poor once again confirmed Israel’s positive and high credit rating.

While extending his remarks, PM Netanyahu outlined that “This is a clear expression and sign of confidence in the important and correct economic policy that we are leading. I congratulate Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich for this important achievement. This is no mere lip service.”

Additionally, he said that “I think that the efforts we have made in recent months, which were very challenging in every respect, think that this achievement deserves special notice; there is nothing like the markets having their say.”

In the coming weeks, Israel will pass the state budget and the accompanying arrangements law in the Knesset in order to continue our efforts to strengthen the economy and fight the cost of living. 

These efforts include encouraging competition and the fight against bureaucracy to lower prices. Last week, he also visited one of the first of more than 50 branches of the international retail chain ‘Carrefour’ that has entered Israel.

The chain plans to open 200 branches in Israel in which they will sell hundreds of European products. He thanked the initiatives launched by the government, which lifted regulations; these products do not need to pass the unnecessary bureaucratic impediment of receiving an Israeli standard. “What is good for Europe – is good for Israel,” Prime Minister noted.

These steps will lead to the lowering of prices. I believe that the Israeli competitors will put up a fight in lowering prices on their part. There is no other choice; the market supports this. It is good for the consumer. It is good for all citizens of Israel.

Moreover, he also mentioned the role of different ministers and noted that “I would like to commend Economy Minister Nir Barkat for overseeing this important achievement which we have been working on for years and have just now realized.”

In his remarks, he also said that “I would also like to commend Interior Minister Moshe Arbel for the pilot program that starts today in which Israeli citizens will be able to renew their passports at four major Population Authority offices around the country.”

“We are thus starting to correct a fault of recent years in which citizens had to wait for months to receive an appointment. Yes, I know that there are still lines, but we are on the pathway to a solution. This is a very important achievement and a necessary correction,” he emphasized. 

He further thanked Minister Meir Porush for the efficient, professional and safe management of the celebrations at Mt. Meron. Congratulations, Meir, on behalf of all of us and on behalf of many, many Israelis.



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