Israel: PM Benjamin Netanyahu highlights key national issues in government address
Israel: PM Benjamin Netanyahu highlights key national issues in government address || image credits: PM Benjamin Netanyahu

Israel: Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu delivered his remarks during the opening of the recently held government session. During his address, Prime Minister considered several topics and challenges related to national matters. He emphasized the aspects and challenges in different sectors such as Education, National Budget, Infrastructure etc.

As per the recent updates, the glimpse from the held session was shared through the official social media handle of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Israel. 


In his opening remarks, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu noted, “Today bleed some good humanity to all the citizens of Israel.” Where the first tidings relate to the field of upbringing, education tops our government’s priorities through the very concrete increase in the education budget”.

Therefore, the budget received this year. Our work plan aims to ensure that Israel’s children have the best and most education. Our goal is to make weak students stronger and smarter than them and more brilliant, he said.

Furthermore, he also cited that “We will hear a briefing from the Minister of Education Joaf Kish on our education goals for next year. 

The minister will present the plan we discussed after taking over the position of the Minister of Education when we said except what happens during studying times inside the classes”.

Moreover, he also outlined that the nation wants to use the web technology that is constantly evolving in order to provide an appropriate education for every child and girl so that every child and girl in Israel, be Jewish and Arab and religious Scientists, have the opportunity to enrich their education.

Prime Minister Netanyahu said that education could be facilitated through the curriculum on which we list the best lecturers and teachers and the best curriculum available. Then we leave it to the children and parents of Israel.


“Today, we are proposing a plan meant to strengthen the building and empower tailoring and corporate towns, and we are determined to invest unprecedented resources and efforts to close the housing, planning and development gaps”, added the Prime Minister.

They are witnessing a serious crisis there and mourning it. The government want to address this situation and do so in a way that truly removes obstacles to urban planning and development. The strategies included promoting the construction of new neighbourhoods to benefit theatrical soldiers and young couples.

Additionally, Prime Minister also said that “It’s a huge problem where people are sometimes let go of prestigious service only to find they are unable even to buy a room. We are listening to this cry for help and healing. This task will require the strength of all government ministries. Be satisfied with our success in this task through productive cooperation”.

He extended his remarks and further outlined two observations: first, the Israeli police are seriously looking at the anti-Semitism demonstrations and waves sweeping France as we witness the horrible attacks in recent days on Jewish targets. “We strongly deny these attacks and support the French government in its fight against the pestilence of anti-toxics”, he added.

“Finally, I applaud Al-Mossad for yet another deterrence of attempting to commit a terrorist operation against Israeli targets in Cyprus”, noted PM Benjamin. Mosad has revealed the identity of the killer, and his string of operations and plans, which is not only evidence of the magnificent capabilities of the State of Israel but, first of all, evidence of how determined we are to fight those who seek to eliminate us anywhere.

Since the government’s formation, the government has neutralized a record number of vandalism that he has pointed out to be either in the grave or in prison, and most of them are in the grave.

In this context, PM Benjamin Netanyahu said, “We hold every destroyer and everyone who sent them, whether in Gaza, Judea, Samaria, Syria or Iran, everywhere. And we are guided by the simple rule that all our enemies should know that those who attack us or try to attack us, we will strike them and thwart their plans too”.

In addition, the prime minister praised the Israeli U-21 football team for their achievement, saying:

“It’s a huge and impressive success.” I followed the game from start to finish, with a few phone jams I missed that I didn’t get bored of watching. They struggled there with their breaths and finally stood up with a rope to score the goal. Wish them success in the semi-final and many more achievements like this”.


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