Jordan: Hashemite University's arts faculty organizes lectures on labour market skills
Jordan: Hashemite University's arts faculty organizes lectures on labour market skills (image credits: Hashemite University)

Jordan: The Faculty of Arts at Hashemite University has organized an introductory lecture on preparing students to develop their skills and abilities for the labour market. The lecture was delivered in cooperation with the Centre for Preparation for the Labour Market, the Centre for Studies and Counselling and Community Service at Hashemite University.

As per the sources, the lecture was held in the presence of the Dean of the College, Dr Yahya Al-Ali, Deputy Deacon, Dr Riyad Abu Hula, and Dr Yassra Al-Khalaila, Head of the Department of Materials Supporting Humanity and Dr Iman Rababaah, the teacher at the Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences and Pioneer and Innovation Teacher.


On his part, Deputy Deacon Abu Hula stressed that the University is keen on empowering students with all the necessary skills to face the labour market in the future, clearly aiming to illustrate the role of the University’s Presidency and supporting it in embracing the pioneers and innovators of students.

Jordan: Hashemite University’s arts faculty organizes lectures on labour market skills

In addition, the initiative also aims to adopt innovative and athletic ideas and convert them into current or future job opportunities within the fields of pioneer and innovation and in collaboration with specialized centres.

Professor Dr Ibrahim Mansour, Director of the Labour Market Preparation Centre, explained the Centre’s role by providing career guidance services, supporting the career path, providing training and job qualification programs, providing job opportunities to university students, and creating their businesses.

Jordan: Hashemite University’s arts faculty organizes lectures on labour market skills

The University will also prompt the entrepreneurship concepts of the students within a state of cooperation and partnership between the Centre and the university faculties and its different centres and units, in addition to collaboration and partnership with the public sector and other business sectors.

In his words, the Director of the Community Service Department and Director of Business Intake at Hashemite University, Raed Al-Khawaldah, pointed out the business intake’s role in building job capacities for students and community members by giving them free courses. He emphasized that the courses include life skills/digital skills/athletics skills/job skills.

It was also said that the number of beneficiaries of these programs reached Nearly (900) students from the community. Professor Al-Khawalda pointed out the beginning of the program of innovation spaces and embracing pioneer ideas, accelerating the growth of start-ups since the beginning of the month of 4/2023, and (20) pioneer projects were selected among (100) advanced projects from various fields.


Amani Al-Awamela from the Department of Studies and Community Service and Specialized in Women’s Studies spoke to the importance of women’s leadership and its role in developing society and to the great part of women and women’s athletic projects in achieving sustainable development in communities, said the reports.

At the end of the lecture, Yasra Al-Khalaila and Iman Al-Rababa pointed out the existence of pioneers and innovation that are mandatory for all university students and the importance of interacting with programs and courses held by specialized centres at the University and investing their time in what they can to meet the requirements of the labour market after graduation.



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