Jordan: Hashemite University Chairperson Yassin Al-Hasban inaugurates Medical Education Centre
Jordan: Hashemite University Chairperson Yassin Al-Hasban inaugurates Medical Education Centre || image credits: Hashemite University (Facebook)

Jordan: Chairman of the Board of Secretaries of Hashemite University and the Chairman of the Health Committee in the Al-Ayan Al-Ain Council, Dr Yassin Al-Hasban, opened The Medical Education Centre at Ibn Sina Medical Complex at Hashemite University. Several board members, including the President of the University, Dr Fawaz Abdel Haq Al Zaboun, attended the event.

As per the updates, the medical Centre aims to enhance teaching effectiveness, use innovative methods in health education, develop evaluation in health colleges, design, plan and evaluate curriculum, and ensure excellence in teaching in health colleges, namely medicine, nursing, pharmacy and applied medical sciences as well as the Roaming Faculty of these faculties.


During the event, the Vice President of the University were also present along with the members of the Board of the Medical Education Centre from the faculty deans of Health, representatives from the Ministry of Health, Royal Medical Services, Al-Hussein Centre for Cancer, the private sector and professors of the University.

Jordan: Hashemite University Chairperson Yassin Al-Hasban inaugurates Medical Education Centre

Chairman of the Board, Dr Hasban, emphasized the importance of training, skills development, and human capacity building in the Jordanian health sector, especially improving skills, teaching methods and techniques in health faculties at Hashemite University. 

He added that the plans include a distinguished elite of faculty and researchers. He said the Medical Education Center is achieving a significant benefit and a quality leap for the national health and medical education sectors.

Jordan: Hashemite University Chairperson Yassin Al-Hasban inaugurates Medical Education Centre

He stated that the Centre represents a core for unifying efforts and coordinating programs and acts as one umbrella for improving medical education and accessing efficient output that promotes the national health sector. “The University Trustees Board is one of the strongest supporters of creating this specifical centre and following up on its achievements in the ground,” he said.

Hasban said, “I am proud of what I have witnessed today at the Hashemite University of unique and specialized education centres, modern equipment, plans and programs, ideas of development and update that align with the vision of comprehensive property renewal.” 

He added, “What the Hashemite University has achieved is heart-warming and overwhelming happiness and reassures us of the future of our universities, which include an elite Dedicated to work and honest with responsibility.”

Jordan: Hashemite University Chairperson Yassin Al-Hasban inaugurates Medical Education Centre

Dr Hasban called for the continuation of plans of emission and emission in the specialities needed by the University, especially to world universities with advanced world rankings, pumping fresh blood at various joints of the academic process, said reports.

On his part, the President of Hashemite University, Professor Fawaz Abdel Haq Al-Zaboun, stated that continuous medical education is a multidisciplinary applied science that puts the student at the Centre of the education and learning process. 

He said that it means everything that has to do with education, teaching and evaluating medical students from the moment they enter the medical college through graduation, joining higher studies programs until graduation, and practising for their minor specialities.

Jordan: Hashemite University Chairperson Yassin Al-Hasban inaugurates Medical Education Centre

Furthermore, this includes designing plans, programs and curricula, developing teaching methods, and choosing appropriate evaluation methods for skills and competencies. He said he hopes the new Centre will serve as a national centre to improve the educational process and the emergence of many modern methods and plans in the curriculum, teaching and evaluation methods. Focusing on education output has become rather than focusing only on the education process.

While extending his remarks, he also noted that the Medical Education Centre opening today is a distinguished training educational centre that seeks to improve and ensure the quality of medical education and develop the academic and teaching methods in health colleges at the Hashemite University and is the first of its kind in Jordan.

The dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Dr Mohamed Abdel Hamid Al-Khadah, explained that the Centre is developing the curriculum contents to qualify first-year students to be ready for the international exams. “Holding patient-oriented training workshops for students means that we will bring together students of medicine, dentistry, medical science, veterinary medicine, nutrition, nursing and pharmacy to train together on pre-prepared scenarios For the most common diseases in Jordan,” he said. The students must know their role in these cases when engaging in the labour market within the One Health Approach.

He added that the Centre would incorporate artificial intelligence, health informatics, early clinical training, specialized courses in informational medical laboratory sciences, radiology, orthopaedic and telemedicine technologies (Telli Medicine). The Centre will also provide specialized courses and seminars where international exams such as PLAB and USMLE will be held.

Medical Education Centre Director Dr Catherine Miles said that the Centre holds programs to improve medical education, including training workshops and seminars, group mentoring, active learning, intensive physical communication, holding learning communities, holding conferences, and participating in them.

She emphasized building professional networks and collaborating with the world. She added that the Centre encourages innovation in medical education and ways to improve Effective clinical contact, co-disciplinary research collaboration, and organizing multidisciplinary research activities, such as conferences and training workshops.

She added that the Centre is committed to community cooperation and developing networks with wider national and international institutions. Conducts community awareness to assess the needs of local communities. She said the Centre has a wide range of resources for health professionals and students. The Centre has training rooms fully equipped with the latest technologies for workshops and interactive workshops.

A group of academics in the faculties of pharmacy, medicine and applied medical sciences presented their experiences through training at the Centre on multidisciplinary research and projects and talked about the One Health project that brings together health specialities related to human, environmental, plant and animal to achieve a healthy and sustainable environment.

The Chairman of the University Board of Trustees walked around the Medical Education Centre and listened to an explanation about his tasks, responsibilities, and future visions for its development; he also visited the Digital Anatomy Lab, the Medical Clinical Skills Training Lab and the Medical College Training Clinics and learned about the modern equipment’s and digital tools available there.


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