Jordan: PM Bisher Al-Khasawneh approves establishment of municipalities
Jordan: PM Bisher Al-Khasawneh approves establishment of municipalities || image credits: Prime Ministry of Jordan (Facebook)

Jordan: Prime Minister Dr Bisher Al-Khasawneh chaired the Council of Ministers meeting on Sunday, June 18, 2023, and approved the establishment of a municipality in Gour Al-Mazraa district in Kark governorate and another municipality in Grina Al-Shawabka district in Madaba governorate. The meeting was attended by a number of government officials and members of his Cabinet.

According to the recent updates, it has been outlined that “The decision to reconstruct the two municipalities comes in support of the provisions of Article (21/A) of the Local Administration Law No. 22 of 2021, in view of the application of the conditions and standards contained in the Cabinet’s decision on the separation of municipalities into the two regions.”


In addition, the meeting also stated that both projects are considered a jurisdiction centre, and the local community has a desire and demand for separation; the development of the two municipalities does not affect the geographical and natural communication of the Bilba Mother.

Jordan: PM Bisher Al-Khasawneh approves establishment of municipalities

Under the decision, the updated municipality in the Gour Al-Mazraa district bears a part of the debt of the Southern Agwar municipality, and the updated municipality in Greina Al-Shawabka bears a part of the debt of the Madaba municipality, in proportion to be agreed upon, said the reports.

The Prime Minister said, “Manpower, machinery and equipment will also be distributed between the newly renovated municipalities and the two separated towns, ensuring a smooth workflow.”

On the other hand, the Cabinet has approved the justifications for the project of an amended system of the Pension Fund system for the year 2023 AD in order to increase the financial revenue of the fund by making it compulsory for all union members to join it, that the maximum age of membership should not be increased than (47) years for males and (43) years for females.

The reports also claimed that the system project is aimed at increasing the value of monthly subscriptions, introducing equatorially balanced pension slips, mandatory payment of pension returns to engineers practising the profession, and allowing engineers to move from retirement slips without age-related restrictions.

The draft amendment to the system also includes measures to reduce the financial burden on the fund, encourage engineers to commit to paying their orderly contributions, and exclude retirees due to total failure from the condition of paying their arrears of (180) months for a pension, and spend it when paying (60) subscriptions or more.


During the meeting, the Council of Ministers also agreed on the recommendations of the Committee for Reviewing Claims pending between the taxpayers and violators and the Jordanian Customs Service to settle (10) cases for payers and violators, strip their commitment to pay the full amounts remaining to them with any fees, taxes or expenses within two months from the date of issuance of this decision.

On another note, the Cabinet appointed Dr Ahmed Issa Al-Amoush as the Director-General of the Lands and Space Department, following his first position in the competitive competition held under the leadership appointment system.

“The PM Bisher Al-Khasawneh and the council also decided to retire governors from the angel of the Ministry of Interior, namely: Muhammad Mubarak Al-Rafayia, Ziyab Dafallah Al-Jazi, Atif Hamdan Abu Shakira, Muhammad Adeeb Muhammad Al-Rawabda, Dr Muhammad Khalaf Al-Fayez, Ziad Isa Al-Rawashda, and Dr Muhammad Oudullah Abu-Jamous,” concluded the meeting.


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