Friday, June 24, 2022

Coronavirus: Despite some optimism, cabinet appears unlikely to relax precautions

The losses of COVID-19 restrictions were expected to have been shelved by the health minister meeting with the advisory team on Tuesday, February 1.

Moreover, the council of ministries is also planning to meet on Wednesday, February 2, when a final decision on squeezing the restrictions will occur amid reports that the BA2 Omicron subvariant has been severed in Cyprus.

In the guiding up to the meeting, some councillors had expressed optimism over the pandemic’s revolution, but as per other members, it was too soon to release all the restrictions, and it can also increase the infection rates and hospitalisation admissions.

According to the government advisor, “Maria Koliou”, I am not sure if there would be any relaxation because the past few days were not good for the country as the country recorded new COVID-19 infections. He told all these things to Tuesday afternoon.

As per the reports that the Omicron subvariant has been identified in Cyprus, and they are hoping that the infection rate would fall and further may be vanished, As per one more study called “Danish,” BA 2 is more visible than Omicron and more able to infect even the vaccinated people.

BA.2 infections account for about 82 percent of cases in Denmark, but the nation plans to discard all remaining domestic COVID-19 restrictions anyway.

According to the Nicosia health ministry, the issues on the cabinet agenda would include booster shots and doses available after the five months. However, unvaccinated people under the age of 12-17-years-olds may get a permit to enter cafes, bars, and restaurants. The condition is that they need to show their COVID-19 rapid test, and it should not be old for more than 72 hours.

Some reports also indicated that minors could only get entry with vaccinated parents.

There are also some restrictions to push for the stricter COVID-19 checks at home.

The country has 324 COVID-19 patients, of which seven have died out of which 6 were unvaccinated.


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