Dubai Expo 2020 attracts 30 million virtual visitors

Dubai Expo 2020 attracts 30 million virtual visitors
Dubai Expo 2020 attracts 30 million virtual visitors

Due to a jam-packed lineup of multinational pavilions, colourful parades, and star-studded musical events, Expo 2020 Dubai has racked up tens of millions of virtual visits from around the world.

Since the event began on October 1, has received more than 31 million visits, according to expo organisers.


The Expo’s huge grounds has already attracted more than 6 million visitors, with the event’s global internet presence bolstering the strong attendance. The stunning opening ceremony had the most viewers, with a total of 6 million.

Alicia Keys’ concert this month, where she premiered her new double album, Keys, drew over 3 million viewers.

After the opening ceremony, it was the best night for viewership, with fans eager to hear the new songs for the first time.

The people of Lesotho, a small mountainous country in Africa, were very interested in their king’s visit in October.

Lesotho’s country day, which was held at the Al Wasl dome, drew more than 45,000 people, the greatest number ever.

Australia is the country pavilion with the most internet visitors, followed by Japan, India, China, and Brazil.


Daily entertainment activities are added to the Expo tech team’s website, as well as a 360-degree view of country pavilions and games to attract the youth.

Live tours are responsible for more than 31.6 million virtual visits.

Expo’s chief programme officer, Rehan Asad, stated, “It’s been a great trip.”

“Analytics is something we look into on a daily basis.”

“We know what people like and don’t like, and we adjust accordingly.”


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