Friday, June 24, 2022

Exhibition of rare Holy Quran establishes in Riyadh

Riyadh: The king of Public Library Abdulaziz’ in Riyadh on Thursday launched an exhibition on the rare Holy Quran, on the occasion of World Heritage Day, as per the reports. 

The library held the exhibition as a contribution to introducing Arab and Islamic heritage.

The library receives collections of the Holy Quran, most written between the 10th century and the 13th century. A.H., and it consists of 267 Qur’ans and 20 valuable museum copies.

Moreover, the library also displayed some of the valuable collections of the Indian Qurans with numerous floral decorations and samples of beautiful Chinese, Kashmiri, and Mamluk productions. 

They all were in different fonts, such as Galilee (Kufic) Naskh, Thuluth, Timbuktu, and Late Sudanese, as well as scripts particular to the Levant, Iraq, Egypt, Yemen, and the Najd and Hijazi regions were witnessed.

Visitors will get to see manuscripts written with gold water during the exhibition. There are 30 sheets with two pages each that constitute a complete part of the Holy Quran.

The library, as well as other institutions across the Kingdom, have spent more than 30 years collecting the best manuscripts worldwide for sharing. 

The library includes other collections representing Arab and Islamic heritage, including rare coins and calligraphy.

According to Muammar, the exhibition’s aim is to celebrate the richness of the Islamic culture, and the Holy Quran is the great month of Ramadan.

The collection, consisting of 267 copies of the Qur’an and 20 precious museum copies, is unique because of the characters, type, font, decoration and dates of the texts, most of which were written between the 10th century and 13th-century A.H.

The library’s general supervisor stated that the exhibition also emphasizes the variety of Islamic civilizations.

The library and its surrounding institutions around the Kingdom have spent more than 30 years collecting the best manuscripts from around the world to share.


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