Friday, June 24, 2022

Kuwait: Police arrested man for walking naked on busy street

Dubai: Kuwait police arrested a young man who was walking all naked in the busy streets of Kuwait.

A video of that man also went viral on all social media platforms, in which that man was showing obscene gestures that angered the road users.

A few hours after the video went viral, the Ministry of Interior released a statement stating that the offender had been arrested in the Hawalli Governorate, south of Kuwait’s capital.

Moreover, the nationality of the man is still unknown.

According to the investigations of the ministry, he is suffering from some mental issues, and now he is receiving psychiatric treatment.

According to Kuwaiti law, lewd acts carry detention not exceeding one year and a fine not exceeding one thousand dinars, or one of the two penalties.

A similar incident took place in Lebanon two days ago, where a woman was caught half naked on the streets of Beirut.

She was spotted semi-naked, as she was wearing a white shirt with sunglasses, but nothing from the waist down.

After watching the video, the Lebanese police launched an investigation and arrested her for the obscene act. However, she was released a while later after promising not to do it again.

Kuwait law does not allow nudity or sexual relations in public. Punishment is up to one year in jail or up to one thousand rupees (the law was written in 1960).

These types of acts publically are not good for anyone in society, especially for the children, because they learn by seeing, and this will leave a bad impact on their minds.

As per one of the medical studies, the person who prefers to walk naked on roads is somehow ill and suffering from some kinds of mental issues.


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