Friday, June 24, 2022

Three UAE National Council members visits Israeli parliament for the first time

Three United Arab Emirates Federal National Council members visited the Israeli’s Parliament, and they became the first Emirati representatives there since the US-brokered ties got normal in 2020.

According to Ali Rashid al-Nuaimi, chairman of the council’s defence, interior and foreign affairs committee, ‘when we talk about the Abraham Accords agreements, we want you to look at the big picture.’

As per the Nuaimi advocating the full engagement in all sectors and stated, “It’s not a political agreement only, it’s not an issue related to security and defence issue. No, it is an agent of change for the whole region.”

Before the visit to Knesset, the representatives of the Emirati first visited the Yad Vashem, Israeli’s Holocaust memorial.

The United Arab Emirates was among four Arab countries that united the Abraham Accords, a series of diplomatic agreements with Israel brokered by the Donald Trump government. Bahrain, Sudan, and Morocco followed suit in normalising relations with Israel.

The deals angered the Palestinians, who felt a betrayal of their national grounds. Palestinian leaders saw it as a defection of a longstanding commitment in the Arab world that calls for Israeli withdrawal from the occupied region.

Nuaimi stated that after the 11-day 2021 Israeli attack on the surrounded Gaza Strip – which killed at least 260 Palestinians – “people were asking what will happen to the Abraham Accords”.

Furthermore, he stated that I want everyone to know that there is no reverse; we are moving forward and will not repeat history. We are here to write a history.

Ram Ben Barak, the Israeli foreign and defence committee host Nuaimi and fellow Federal National Council members Sara Falaknaz and Marwan Almheiri, called his guests “neighbours and brothers”.

“There’s a misinterpretation, as the normalisation contract was established on just one element, of shared threats and challenges, but that’s the smallest part of the deal,” said Nuiami.

Israeli also committed to the agreement and plans to enhance and expand their all fields.”


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