Bahraini Health Minister Jaleela Hassan attends 76th World Health Assembly
Bahraini Health Minister Jaleela Hassan attends 76th World Health Assembly (image credits Facebook)

Bahrain: The Minister of Health of the Kingdom of Bahrain, Dr Jaleela Jawad Hassan, has participated in the opening of the works of the seventy-sixth World Health Association on Sunday, May 21, 2023, which will be carried out till May 30, 2023. The event will be held at the headquarters of the United Nations Palace in Geneva, in the presence of member states.

According to recent information, at the start of the event, Health Minister Jaleela Hassan and the officials congratulated the end of the Corona pandemic and prayed for the continuation of the implementation of health efforts for all.


The information was shared by the officials of the Ministry of Health through its official social media handle. According to the updates, it was stated that “Dr Jaleela Hassan, the Minister of Health, participated in the opening of the works of the World Health Association, which will be held from 21 to May 30 May 30 2023.”

In addition, the update further read that “The works of the course opened with an executive session in which the President of the seventy-sixth Public Health Association was elected, along with the five deputies of the presidents, the heads of the two main committees and the formation of the General Committee.”

During the second session, the President’s speech was delivered, the agenda was adopted and the distribution of agenda items among the two main committees. The report of the Executive Council on its 51st century and 52nd and its extraordinary sixth session, followed by the speech of the Director-General of the World Health Organization, Dr Tedros Gibriessos.

Furthermore, the meeting discussed issues on the agenda, including global strategy on women, child and adolescent health, comprehensive health coverage, and discussed many common health topics.

On her part, the Minister of Health delivered a statement of the Kingdom of Bahrain under the theme “WHO Health Organization 75 Years After Saving Lives, Achieving Health for All” the Minister congratulated everyone on the end of the Corona pandemic around the world, following the WHO declared that the virus no longer a global health emergency.

It was also reported that the congratulations were extended while mentioning the international efforts that contributed to overcoming this global health challenge and the role of active partnerships that aimed first and lastly to preserve the health and safety of human beings.


Access to safety measures to all communities was provided to access integrated immunity and the return of life to normal to continue achieving and implementing the Millennium Development Goals.


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