NMEC hosts cultural and artistic festival, features Egyptian history
NMEC hosts cultural and artistic festival, features Egyptian history (image credits: Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, Egypt)

Egypt: The Grand Theatre at the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization (NMEC) in Fustat witnessed a cultural and artistic festival in cooperation with the Embassy of Bulgaria in Cairo under the title “the king and the Sun. A Journey in Ancient Egypt’s History.” The event was held on Sunday, May 28, 2023, under the supervision of the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities.

As per the information, the authorities have announced the launch of the “Egypt Eternal” initiative to celebrate the Museum’s second Eid. On their part, the Bulgarian Association of Egyptology, amid a large presence of public figures, ambassadors of foreign countries in Cairo, Egyptian artists, art, music, and heritage lovers.


In addition, the executive president of the Museum’s board, Ahmed Ghanim, began the event with a welcome speech to the guests, expressing his happiness with the great success of the ceremony, which the Museum hosts within the framework of cultural and artistic programs.

NMEC hosts cultural and artistic festival, features Egyptian history

The events are periodically organized to revive the Egyptian urban heritage and emphasize its role as an educational and social institution to improve public taste where the Museum has recently become a kiss for artists and musicians in Egypt and the world.

On his part, Ahmed Ghanim further pointed out in his speech that the celebration comes as the beginning of a series of events that the Museum will organize as part of the new initiative that will be launched, marking the two-year anniversary of the opening of the Museum on June 21.

NMEC hosts cultural and artistic festival, features Egyptian history

He added that the initiative would be launched under the title “Eternal Egypt”, which aims to revive Egypt’s urban heritage in Arabic, English, Italian and different languages, in cooperation with RMC Foundation.

The Bulgarian Egyptian festival included a special musical piece by the Egyptian fugitive Manal Mohiya Aldin and the Bulgarian violinist Tsvetelina Krastiva, who both presented a collection of the most famous Eastern and Western heritage pieces.

It was also stated that the event played a dual track, during which the audience enjoyed the fugitive tunes that attracted all the museum visitors and admired them. Enjoying one of the musical instruments known to ancient Egyptian civilization up close.

NMEC hosts cultural and artistic festival, features Egyptian history

As shown in the Bulgarian documentary “King and the Sun… A Journey through Ancient Egypt’s History”, the multi-award-winning author Professor Theodore Likov, an Egyptian scientist at the Bulgarian University, head of the Bulgarian Archaeological Mission in Egypt, and author of several scientific works on religion, language, and literature in Ancient Egypt, presented a group of Bulgarian Egyptian scholars and archaeologists.

Furthermore, the film reviewed the history of ancient Egypt and the strong relationship between the king and God in ancient Egyptian religion. The inspiration role of the Egyptian king’s personality and royal power throughout history. 

NMEC hosts cultural and artistic festival, features Egyptian history

The basic ideas around the world and universe as believed by ancient Egyptians, taking you as a viewer on a journey through ancient Egyptian history, were also presented.

The film also presented learning about the most famous places and pieces of Archaeology and sacred texts throughout the different ages of Egyptian civilization. 

On his part, Ambassador Diane Katrachev, the Ambassador of Bulgaria in Cairo, expressed his great appreciation for the effort and the cooperation between the Museum and the Bulgarian Embassy.

NMEC hosts cultural and artistic festival, features Egyptian history

It was reported that the cooperation made the ceremony come out in such a wonderful and organized manner, especially since the Museum is one of the most important cultural projects in the world. “The celebration is the best evidence of the depth of the relations between the two countries that began More than 90 years ago,” stated the ambassador.

It further emphasized the importance of art and music that brings together and unites the peoples of the world by listening to and tasting them despite different languages and cultures. The celebration ended with a musical show for Emmanuel Kalcheva.

Additionally, the international artist band DJaima and the Egyptian accordion trio where presented a unique work of art, bringing together the love of Eastern and Western music, despite the difference in nationalities and languages among them. 

At the end of the ceremony, the attendees made sure to take a tour of the first Empower Her Art Forum that the Museum is currently hosting.


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