Jordan: Public Security reveals traffic plans for Prince Hussein Bin Abdullah II wedding ceremony 
Jordan: Public Security reveals traffic plans for Prince Hussein Bin Abdullah II wedding ceremony  (image credits: Public Security Jordan)

Jordan, Middle East: The Directorate of Public Security has announced the details of the traffic plan, which will accompany the Royal Red Procession in celebration of the wedding of Prince Hussein bin Abdullah II – Crown Prince of Jordan.

The Directorate confirmed that the traffic plan would regulate the timing of closures, places, traffic diversions, and alternate routes along the royal parade route and will begin implementation from 3 pm on Thursday, 1-6-2023, to 7 pm on the same day.


The plan includes deploying large numbers of traffic controllers, aid patrols for guidance and assistance of citizens, and the road closure through which the royal procession will pass and extend.

The royal procession will pass through the area of the third floor (Zahran Palace) towards the fourth floor to the eighth floor (Zhran Street), then towards the People’s Circle and the medical city circle (King Street). Abdullah II) Towards Saad Khair Street, arriving at Al-Husseinia Palace.

The traffic plan has also identified places and squares prepared in cooperation with the Greater Amman Municipality to line up vehicles of those wishing to follow the royal procession. 

To participate in national celebrations that will be attended by dozens of popular bands and community events, and free transport buses to transport those wishing to reach the parade route.

The Directorate of Public Security confirmed that the security plan had secured the security of traffic lines and access to hospitals and health centres located on the procession’s path and deployed civil defence points along the way during the lockdown.

It has been added that traffic and security stops will be posted in the surrounding areas of the parade route and will work to regulate traffic and prevent congestion. 


Reducing the density of traffic flowing towards the parade route and diverting it to other routes if needed according to traffic data in areas mentioned below:

Sawileh, Patrol Signal, Queen Rania Street (University), Sports City Roundabout, and Interior Roundabout. Mount Oman, Umm Azina, Sakara Valley, Mecca Street, Medina Street, Abdoun, Deir Ghbar, Suifiya, Faheis, Bayader Wadi Al-Sir.

The Directorate warned citizens to follow everything that is published in the first place regarding traffic diversions to facilitate them, noting that illustrations and maps will be published subsequently through the media and the official pages of the Directorate of Public Security to clarify all the procedures.

The Directorate of Public Security confirmed that, with the Jordanians sharing their overwhelming joy on this occasion, it raised to King Abdullah II, Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, and his Crown Prince Secretary, named the verses of congratulations and blessings accompanied with sincere supplication to sustain Jordan joy, security, and stability.

Following are the details of traffic diversions starting at 3 pm, Thursday, 1/6/2023, followed by photos and maps of closures, traffic diversions and alternate routes during the wedding ceremony and the Royal Procession procession:

1. In The third roundabout, traffic closed towards the fourth round, diverting it towards Abdul Moneim Riyadh Street (centre of the country) and Al-Krom Street towards Abdali.

2. The fourth roundabout, the oncoming traffic from Prince Hashem (Abdoun) Street into the tunnel towards Queen Noor Street (the interior roundabout), the oncoming traffic is also diverted from Queen Noor Street (the interior roundabout) to the bottom of the tunnel – the suspension bridge.

3. Fifth roundabout, the incoming traffic from Abdoun side (Canadian Street), down the tunnel towards Wadi Sakara, the incoming lane from Wadi Sakra is also diverted down the tunnel towards Abdoun.

4. Sixth roundabout, diverting the oncoming traffic from the Suifiya side (Amira Aliyah Bint Al Hussein Street) down the tunnel towards Umm Azina (King Faisal Street) and vice versa for the upcoming traffic from King Faisal Street.

5. The seventh roundabout, closing the traffic coming from Medina Street – Dawar Al-Haramain (Dwar Al-Kilo) and diverting it towards Tabashir Street – Abdullah Ghousha Street, or turn around and return towards Dawar Al-Harmain, and diverting the traffic coming from the airport road, and vice versa from Abdullah Ghoush Street down the seventh tunnel.

6. The eighth roundabout, diverting the traffic from the Bayader area towards the airport road – Al Nahda intersection. And the next traffic from Nawar Al-Nahda roundabout towards the 8th direction to Industry Street or Queen Zain Street (Dir Ghabar).

7. Al-Shaab House, diverting traffic from the side of Al-Shaab Street (Salam markets) towards Radi Annab Street (Al-Jandwel – Al-Bayader), and the transfer of traffic from Mecca Street towards Al-Ayan Street (City Mall).

8. Medical City Roundabout, diverting the traffic coming from Khalda Tunnel to the top of Khalda Roundabout and then towards Wasfi Hill Street or right towards Hijaz Street (Eagle Signal – Al-Fahis).

The turn of the traffic coming from Fahees – the baccalaureate signal towards Khalda roundabout, towards Wasfi Hill Street or the turn towards Sawailh. And the next traffic is diverted from the Eagle signal – Al-Bayt signal to Hijaz Street.

Note: The traffic coming from the feeding sub-roads of the Royal Procession path will be redirected and diverted to other window routes, and traffic monitors will be posted at all these entrances and in its surroundings to pamper, assist and facilitate the reach of citizens.

Celebration locations on the procession path: 4th and 5th circles three ceremony locations (in front of the Kuwaiti Embassy, next to the Canadian Embassy, and on the 5th circle itself); the 6th circle is a ceremony site (between the 5th and 6th intersections).

The 8th circle is a festival site (between the 7th and 8th intersections). King Abdullah II Street is a ceremony site on the left of the road, roundabout The People (Art Festival Site)

Additionally, vehicle alignment sites are provided with free shuttle bus service in 26 locations: from the fourth to the fifth floor (Salahaddin Park Square, behind the Canadian Embassy, parking next to the St. Regis Hotel), from the fifth to the seventh floor next to the major restaurants of Amman.

The services also include Social Security – Jubilee Branch, 8th floor (Several locations for queuing on the left of the roundabout Next to the Bank of Jordan, Our Water Company, Commercial Bank, Al-Ahli Club, Al-Nahda Diwar – Al-Baalbaki Company), King Abdullah II Street (West Oman Court Square, Next to the International Tazkiya Academy, and the External Clinics Square, Gulf Insurance, Al-Shaab Square (Next to Kawther Mosque).



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