Vietnam Ambassador: UAE Economic Partnership talks Progress Positively

Nguyen Manh Tuan, Ambassador of Vietnam to the country, affirmed that the United Arab Emirates and Vietnam are moving forward in their negotiations to reach a comprehensive strategic economic partnership agreement that is in the interest of the two countries and their friendly peoples.

Nguyen Manh Tuan, Ambassador of Vietnam to the country, affirmed that the United Arab Emirates and Vietnam are moving forward in their negotiations to reach a comprehensive strategic economic partnership agreement that is in the interest of the two countries and their friendly peoples.

The Vietnamese Ambassador stressed in statements to the Emirates News Agency (WAM) that reaching a comprehensive strategic economic partnership agreement with the UAE this year through the ongoing talks between the two countries would strengthen the established bilateral relations in conjunction with the thirtieth anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two friendly countries.


On this occasion, he noted the depth of the relations of friendship and cooperation between the two countries, which he stressed had witnessed great development at the political, diplomatic, commercial and investment levels in recent years, pointing in this regard to the increasing mutual visits of senior officials of the two countries, which in turn contributed to strengthening bilateral relations, starting with the visit he made.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, may God protect him, to the capital Phnom Penh in 2007, the most recent of which was the visit of Thi Anh Xuan, Vice President of Vietnam to the United Arab Emirates, and the visit of His Highness Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Vietnam. this year.

The ambassador pointed out that bilateral economic cooperation between the two countries has witnessed significant growth since 1993, with the intensification of official visits and continuous trade delegations between the two sides has enhanced trade exchange and investment activity.

Regarding investment in the field of clean and renewable energy, he explained that the two friendly countries pledged to eliminate carbon emissions by 2050, which opens a wide way for enhancing cooperation between them in renewable and clean energy projects, including solar energy, wind energy, and hydrogen.

He expressed his confidence that the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP28) , which will be held during the period from November 30 to December 12 of this year in Expo City Dubai, will constitute an important international platform for discussion and dialogue in order to reach solutions to the phenomenon of climate change. Which is in the interest of all humanity, noting in this regard that a high-level Vietnamese delegation will participate in this important international event.

He stressed Vietnam’s readiness to cooperate closely with the UAE in the areas of climate action in light of the intense cooperation between the two countries within the framework of international organizations.


Regarding the Vietnamese companies operating in the country, the ambassador noted that the majority of these companies work in the field of logistics services, vegetables, fruits, food and non-food items, explaining that the Vietnamese Oil Company and the Finance and Technology Promotion Company opened offices in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, which consolidates the process of increasing cooperation between the two friendly countries and is in the interest of Signing a comprehensive economic partnership agreement between the UAE and Vietnam.

The Vietnamese ambassador stressed that strengthening the cooperation process between the United Arab Emirates and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) is a strong impetus for strengthening relations between the two countries.

The UAE obtained membership as a dialogue partner in the association in 2022, at a time when the country is considered a regional trade center, which enhances its economic, logistical and strategic importance to the association. Meanwhile, Vietnam is considered the most important trading partner of the UAE in the countries of Southeast Asia in 2022.

At the level of relations at the popular level, the Vietnamese ambassador pointed out that the increasing interactions between the two peoples through trade, aviation and tourism helped Emiratis and Vietnamese alike to get to know each other, which enhanced the cultural convergence between the two friendly peoples.

In this regard, he explained that the tourist attractions in the Emirates, especially Dubai and Abu Dhabi, attract thousands of Vietnamese tourists every year. He pointed out that with the presence of more halal restaurants and other attractions for Arab citizens in Vietnam, it is expected that the tourism movement coming from the Emirates to his country during the coming period.

About 3,500 Vietnamese work in the UAE, most of them in the construction, mechanical, shipbuilding and service industries.

The Vietnamese ambassador to the country stated that this year marks the 78th anniversary of Vietnam’s independence, which coincides with the 30th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Vietnam and the United Arab Emirates, pointing out that his country’s embassy in the country will organize a celebration on this occasion on September 21 in Abu Dhabi.

In this regard, the Vietnamese ambassador stated that the “Communication Council for Vietnamese People Abroad”, which operates under the umbrella of the Vietnamese embassy, ​​works to serve the Vietnamese community in the country.

Dr Thani bin Ahmed Al-Zeyoudi, Minister of State for Foreign Trade, had announced earlier that the UAE is the first Arab trading partner for Vietnam, representing 39% of its total trade with Arab countries. The volume of non-oil trade between the two sides reached 29.4 billion dirhams (about 8 billion dollars) in 2022.

While trade in goods other than mobile phones and accessories grew to 46 percent, up from less than 36 percent in 2019, to reach a total of 13.5 billion dirhams (equivalent to more than 3.5 billion US dollars) last year, an increase of 9 percent from 2021, with a growth of 34 and 26 percent. For the years 2020 and 2019, respectively.


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